What is a templateUrl in AngularJS

Angular.js directive dynamic templateURL

I have a custom tag in a template that requires a template. The attribute is filled with the area, which then requests the correct template.

There are several versions of the anthem based on the week and day. I was expecting to use the directive to fill in the correct part. The variable is not read by the.

There are several files in excerpts directory that is marked ...


You can use the directive.

Try something like this:

UPD. for watching attribute

This is how you can provide templateUrl via markup

Now all you have to do is take care of the property contentUrl with a dynamically generated path filled becomes.

Thanks to @pgregory, I was able to solve my problem with this directive for inline editing

You don't need a custom directive here. Just use the ng-include src attribute. It's compiled so you can paste code. See plunker with solution to your problem.

I had the same problem and solved it in a slightly different way than the others. I am using angle 1.4.4.

In my case, I have a shell template that creates a CSS bootstrap panel:

I want to insert panel body templates depending on the route.

I then included the following template if the route is:

The panel-body.html template is as follows:

Sample data in case someone wants to try something:

I have an example of this.

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