What does the acronym RNLI stand for

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Case Study: Concepts and Use of SAP 8 questions What does the abbreviation ESOA stand for? Enterprise oriented architecture What does BPP stand for? business process platform What does the RNLI mainly use? ERP What percentage of the business processes does Aramco implement with SAP? 80% According to the video, why is it so important to know where the ships are? Because up to 2 million barrels of oil are transported on a ship. How long has RNLI been using SAP? 2000 What industry solution has Aramco developed? SAP for Oil and Gas Why did RNLI introduce SAP? Because of the good system integration Case Study: BPM: Business Process Management 4 questions How would you define “business process management” on the basis of this video and text? How does it compare to business process reengineering, continuous improvement and comprehensive quality management? - Business process management deals with the identification, design, implementation, control and improvement of business processes - Business process redesign (or "reenginering) is a rethinking and redesign of business processes in order to achieve improvements in important KPIs What are the main goals of BPM? - Measure and evaluate business processes in real time - Make processes more effective - Create continuous improvements What does a "service-oriented architecture" mean? What difference does it make for the implementation, cost and flexibility of BPM tools? Service-oriented architecture enables services of IT systems to be structured and used - some BPM tools (e.g. from IBM) are based on SOA; Medium effort for implementation, low costs, creation of flexibility through decision tables and process flow diagrams Why is it so important that the BPM software produce a BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) model for the IT department? Because the IT department can link the BPM software with other business services from other sources using the Business Process Execution Language so that the Business Rule Elements can be converted into flexible decision tables What are the benefits of key performance indicators (KPIs)? - Progress / degree of fulfillment of important objectives or success factors can be measured Case Study: Data Mining What does the term “Dark Web” mean?  A program that searches the internet for militant leaders and their entourage. It generates author profiles based on word length, punctuation, syntax and content and graphically displays information about the individual personality types Case Study: Server Virtualization Difference between the three types of server virtualization. • Virtual machine model: Each guest runs on a virtual replica of the hardware layer. This approach allows the guest operating system to run without changes. In addition, the administrator can create guests who use different operating systems. • Paravirtualized machine model: In the PVM, however, the VMM actually changes the code of the guest operating system. This change is called porting. • Operating system level virtualization: Guests must use the same operating system as the host, although different distributions of the same system are allowed. What special advantages does Acxiom have through the use of IBM's virtual server platform? What does “virtualization ratio” mean and why is it a great benefit for the company? - Advantages: Inexpensive, simple (not complex) solution for handling large amounts of data - Virtualization ratio is the number of virtual servers in relation to the individual hypervisor Case study: Bring your own device: What are the advantages and disadvantages of employees using their private smartphones at work? + The company is offered a mobile workforce without incurring costs for the acquisition and maintenance of the devices at the expense of the company + Increase in working hours through access possible anytime and anywhere + Greater employee satisfaction - Protection of company data not guaranteed - Large number of devices and Operating systems make it difficult to use administration and security tools - security gaps due to the use of certain apps