How to mix clear coat



hello, if I had a question, would need 1L car paint + 1l clearcoat + 1l primer wanted to ask how much thinner and hardener I need and what the mixing ratio is? Greeting


a) Mix either 1K primer filler, which also offers rust protection, with 50% 2K thinner
b) 2K HS filler (can also be sprayed over a) if you have a very rough or pitted surface. The filler can then be sanded smoothly as a substrate for the actual paint.
Mix 2: 1 with filler hardener 50250, possibly add a little 2K thinner (5-10%) if you use a small nozzle (smaller than 1.8mm)
Car paint:
a) either One-shift system: 2K MS one-coat top coat (only for solid colors, i.e. non-metallic).
Mix 2: 1 with 2K MS hardener and add approx. 10% 2K thinner.
b) or Two-layer system: Basecoat (with metallic you have to do a 2-coat, all other colors, also plain, but also work 2-coat. Is always the better solution, because better protection against UV, scratches, car wash etc. More information is available here: http: //
- Basecoat is available as a finished color (approx. 30 different common colors, very inexpensive)
- Or as a color of your choice (you tell us the manufacturer, the color name and the color code, e.g. VW Reflexsilber A7W) and we will mix the paint ready for you to use.
With us, basecoats are always ready to spray, i.e. they can be processed directly.
In the two-layer system (basecoat), a clearcoat must always be applied to protect the color.
We recommend Autolack21 2K MS clear lacquer, mix 2: 1 with 2K MS hardener and add approx. 10% 2K thinner.
All products with prices and container sizes, including all accessories such as painting masks, etc., can be found in the shop, and lots of information and tips in the portal
If you have further questions, just email again.

Best regards, your Autolack21 team


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