What are the best coffee machines

Coffee machine test 2021 - current filter coffee machines in comparison

The great coffee machine test 2021 - the best filter coffee machines in comparison

The variety of coffee machines is absolutely unmanageable, some manufacturers already have 20 models or more on offer. We have therefore selected the currently best and most successful devices from the coffee guide and subjected them to a comparative test. You can get an overview of all test results in our leaderboard.

Here we briefly introduce the best devices:

The test winners

Philips HD7546 in the test

For around 50 euros, the Philips HD7546 offers high-quality workmanship and well thought-out features. The thermos flask keeps the coffee hot for hours even without a heating plate and the brewing process is pleasantly quiet. Those who can do without a timer function are right with the HD7546 and get a coffee machine without any real weaknesses.

Melitta Optima Timer in the test

Our second test winner also costs around 50 euros and comes from Melitta. The Optima Timer is only equipped with a glass jug, but the warming function in the machine does a great job. The easy-to-use timer function is unique in this price range and there are hardly any other weak points.

The price-performance test winner

Braun Aromaster KF 47 in the test

The Aromaster KF 47 from Braun is already a classic among filter coffee machines. A proven device that has been continuously improved and optimized over the years. No frills were avoided and a simple, but high-quality coffee machine was developed instead. The price of around 40 euros is more than justified.

Russell Hobbs Textures Plus in the test

The Russell Hobbs Textures Plus often costs less than 30 euros and is thus a whole lot cheaper than the other price performance winner from Braun. Nevertheless, this is also a rock-solid coffee machine, with decent workmanship and uncomplicated operation. There is even a timer function on board, which is the exception in this price range.

The alternatives

BEEM Fresh Aroma Perfect in the test

With a price of around 100 euros, the Fresh Aroma Perfect from the German manufacturer BEEM is significantly more expensive than most other coffee machines. The high price is justified insofar as the BEEM not only brews coffee powder, but can also freshly grind coffee beans beforehand. The coffee aroma clearly benefits from this, but the consumption is quite high.

Philips HD5408 in the test

The Philips HD5408 also costs around 100 euros, the stainless steel version even just under 130 euros. A coffee grinder is not integrated here, instead the "direct brewing principle" is the unique selling point. The water tank sits directly above the filter holder and the boiling water can drip onto the coffee powder without detour and cooling. In any case, the aroma is convincing and the HD5408 is also a real eye-catcher.

Melitta Aromafresh put to the test

In terms of price and features, the Melitta Aromafresh is in a very similar region. In addition to an integrated grinder, there is also a timer function with a programmable automatic start. In view of the features offered and the great coffee aroma, one can hardly criticize the price of around 100 euros. Only the decent workmanship and the sometimes cumbersome operation cost points.

Philips HD7765 in the test

The HD7765 Grind & Brew from Philips also has an integrated grinder that can process beans into powder in 9 different settings. And here, too, the aroma is correspondingly strong. The operation is still very simple and the design and workmanship also convince in the test. All of this has its price, however, at around 120 euros.

Severin KA 5700 in the test

The Severin KA 5700 shows at first glance that it is no run-of-the-mill coffee machine. The Vapotronik brewing system ensures a great coffee aroma that is otherwise only known in the form of hand-brewed coffee. However, it is only suitable to a limited extent for small quantities, in the test it only shone from 2-3 cups. The price of around 75 euros is fair, but the Severin is not exactly a bargain.

Severin KA 4808 in the test

Severin is taking a completely different approach with the KA 4808. At around 30 euros, it is not only significantly cheaper, it is also about half the size. You can actually prepare a maximum of 3-4 cups at once, which should make the KA 4808 particularly interesting for small households. In any case, the taste does not suffer from the small dimensions and the Severin does not show any major weaknesses in the test.

Melitta Enjoy Therm in the test

For sometimes less than 40 euros, the Melitta Enjoy Therm is a branded coffee machine including a thermos. Some weaknesses such as the late automatic switch-off, the hard-to-reach water tank or the too small spout of the coffee pot cost points. Nevertheless, the bottom line is a good coffee machine with a decent price-performance ratio.

Bosch ComfortLine TKA6A044 in the test

Around 40 euros are also called for the Bosch ComfortLine. Although you have to do without a thermos, the device can still convince in all test criteria. The operation was well thought out, the workmanship is solid and you don't have to make any compromises in terms of taste. Our test device is bright red, but the model is also available in several other colors of the same construction.

Rosenstein & Sons KF-215 in the test

The KF-215 from "Rosenstein & Söhne", a private label from Pearl mail order, is a little cheaper at just under 30 euros. Above all, the rectangular design is unusual, thanks to which the KF-215 makes a very compact impression. Operation has been designed to be very intuitive and the equipment has been reduced to a minimum. If you are looking for a simple coffee machine and have little space, you can access it here.

Krups F30908 ProAroma in the test

The Pro Aroma F30908 from Krups, the direct successor to the good old F309 from the same manufacturer, also costs just under 30 euros. Similar to its predecessor, the F30908 also lands relatively far behind in the comparison and shows one or the other weakness in the test. The handling is not optimal and the workmanship is not particularly high quality either. The coffee convinces with a good aroma and is also really hot.

Melitta Easy in the test

In terms of price, the Melitta Easy coffee machine is at the bottom of the test field, as it costs just around 20 euros. Of course, you don't get a beauty or a miracle of equipment here, but you get a good filter coffee machine. Only the glass jug makes a slightly fragile impression and should possibly be replaced by a more robust thermos for an extra charge of around 5 euros.

Old models

The coffee machine is of course not reinvented every few years, but manufacturers regularly bring new models onto the market. This is one of the reasons why the ranges sometimes include 20, 30 or even more variants. At some point it becomes simply confusing and maybe too expensive, which is why older coffee machine models are sometimes discontinued and removed from the range. Such devices are no longer actively advertised by the manufacturer, but are of course still available for years in online shops and in shops. Just because a new model has appeared in a different color variant, of course, doesn't make the predecessor any worse. Therefore you can get really good bargains in this area every now and then. Here we list the various coffee machines that can no longer be found in the current range of the respective manufacturer.

Severin KA 4049 in the test

With the KA4049, Severin delivers a reliable and at the same time unbeatably affordable coffee machine. The KA4049 costs just around 20 euros over the counter, and even high-quality hand filters can be more expensive. Although it is not beautiful, does not look particularly stable and does not offer any additional equipment, the Severin still delivers delicious filter coffee.

Equipment variants and useful features

  • Capacity
    The maximum capacity of the coffee pot should meet personal requirements, although larger is always better than too small. When all of the relatives come to visit, a coffee party makes it a lot easier.
  • Heating plate with automatic switch-off
    A heating plate under the coffee pot is now almost standard and is available in almost all new coffee machines. In this way, the coffee is kept drinkable hot for several hours. An automatic switch-off is important for safety reasons and so that no electricity is wasted. It ensures that the heating plate switches off automatically after a certain time.
  • Automatic brewing timer
    Some devices have a timer function that allows the brewing process to start automatically at a fixed time. For example, the machine can be loaded with coffee powder and water in the evening so that it can switch itself on the next morning and the coffee is ready when you leave the bedroom. Few devices have such a timer.
  • Drip stop
    The drip stop ensures that no more coffee runs out of the filter as soon as the jug underneath has been removed. So it is possible to pour a cup while the brewing process is still running, without having to clean the heating plate afterwards.
  • Descaling program
    Some devices use warning lights to alert you as soon as descaling is necessary. An automatic descaling program with the help of the appropriate cleaning agent then ensures that the coffee machine is always in a perfect and hygienic condition.
  • Thermos
    While in many machines the coffee ends up in a simple glass jug, some machines are equipped with a thermos instead. The advantages are obvious: the coffee stays hot longer without a heating plate or power consumption and a thermos flask like this is not so easy to break.
  • Grinder
    As a rule, ground coffee is used when using a filter machine. But there are also machines that have an integrated grinder and can therefore process whole coffee beans. This promises a fresher coffee aroma, but usually also makes the corresponding machines significantly more expensive.

The test procedure

We evaluate all tested coffee machines in a total of 5 individual ratings, which then ultimately result in the overall rating. You will find all the individual ratings of a device in the respective test report, as well as all devices at a glance in our list of the best. Here is an introduction and brief explanation of the various test categories:

The score in the area taste On the one hand, this reflects the general quality of the brewed coffee, but the temperature is also taken into account here.

The higher the Equipment rating fails, the more functions and accessories are included in the price of the coffee machine tested. Examples would be a timer function, an integrated coffee grinder, a display or a thermos flask instead of a simple glass jug.

The simpler and less complicated the service designed, the more points we award in this category. Easily accessible water tank and filter holder, or simple cleaning and programmability provide plus points here.

The category Design / processing reflects on the one hand the quality of the materials used, but also any weaknesses in the processing. The design is of course a matter of taste, if a device is particularly beautiful to look at in our eyes, that is also included here.

After all, the price-performance score is self-explanatory. The better the test result is in relation to the price, the higher the rating here. The devices with the best price-performance ratio in the test are awarded our "price-performance test winner" title.

The currently best coffee machines in a comparison test. Read in detailed individual tests which strengths and weaknesses the devices offer. In our leaderboard, all devices can also be compared at a glance. This is how you can easily find the perfect coffee machine.