Why are airports so high

What is the risk of terrorist attacks at airports?

Risk analyzes for a wide variety of infrastructures are carried out at Fraunhofer EMI. Examples of this include terrorist attacks at airports.

The evaluation of a database (event analysis) created especially for this research project on terrorist attacks between 1968 and 2007 at airports around the world revealed a significant threat to European airports. If all attacks are taken into account, there were around five attacks per year at airports in the period under review. At least ten people were killed and 40 people injured in ten percent of the attacks. The attacks were mostly carried out with the help of explosives and carried out in parking areas (multi-storey car parks, parking lots, etc.), on terminal buildings or within the building.

In a damage analysis, exemplary scenarios are considered that were selected on the basis of the event analysis and discussions with experts within the project. A car bomb caused by a vehicle parked in front of a terminal was assumed as a scenario. The consequences to be expected can be seen in the figure below. Here you can see a car bomb (red rectangle) in front of a terminal (grid 100 m x 100 m). Damage classes for reinforced concrete skeleton structures from damage class 1 (blue, slight damage, e.g. broken windows) to 5 (red (not properly visible), completely destroyed).