What time of day is tea time

Which teas can I drink in the evening?

For many, there is nothing better than making yourself comfortable with a cup of tea in the evening. With the large variety of teas, the question naturally arises - which teas are actually suitable for evening enjoyment and which should I avoid? We want to clarify that in this article.

Caffeinated teas are less than ideal

Of the "real" teas, i.e. all those made from the leaves of the tea bush, none are actually suitable for evening enjoyment - at least not if you want a good night's sleep. Because green, black, white and oolong tea all contain caffeine and therefore have a stimulating and awakening effect.

It is true that it is said again and again that these teas lose their invigorating properties if they are steeped for too long, but unfortunately this is just a rumor. These teas can be steeped for so long, but they won't turn into a calming nightcap. The effect of the caffeine only weakens and the tea develops an unpleasant bitter taste - and therefore ends up in the sink drain.

The claim that white tea is caffeine-free is also wrong. White tea contains caffeine, but to a much lesser extent than the other types of tea. Although it is less stimulating than green and black tea, it can still cause sleepless nights for people who are sensitive to caffeine.

The mate tea made from the leaves of the native mate tree in South America does not belong to the “real” teas, but it also contains caffeine. You should better avoid mate tea in the evening hours.

Herbal tea and fruit tea - (almost) always on the safe side

Herbal tea and fruit tea, with the exception of mate tea, are almost always caffeine-free. So you can still be drunk in the evening without any problems. Nevertheless, it is advisable to take a careful look at the list of ingredients for these types of tea as well. Some herbal and fruit mixtures contain black or green tea and therefore also caffeine.

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Is it healthy to drink tea in the evening?

Basically - drinking a lot is healthy and tea can be used to cover part of the daily fluid requirement. It doesn't matter what time of day you drink tea. However, you should make sure that the tea suits the time of day.

In the early morning hours, for example, you can enjoy green gunpowder tea, strong Assam tea or a rich English breakfast tea. To combat the afternoon low, on the other hand, a flowery-fresh Darjeeling tea or a fine white tea are suitable. We have already clarified that it is better to keep your hands off caffeine in the evening. To avoid a sleepless night, it should be a delicious fruit tea, herbal tea or rooibos tea.