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The 7 most important trends in email marketing

A few seconds are decisive for success

Eight seconds maximum. That is how long 40 percent of average recipients take just one time to read a customer mailing.1 And these seconds are decisive for the sender's business success. E-mail marketing remains one of the top channels for companies: in 2017, according to a study, the opening rate worldwide was an impressive 55 percent.2 An unbeatable way to generate leads. But newsletters can do even more - for example, win new customers, strengthen ties to the existing customer base and sharpen the brand profile. Because good email marketing cannot be done on the side, it can be worthwhile to outsource the newsletter service to a professional mailer.

In order to fully exploit the potential of e-mail marketing, artificial intelligence is on the rise here too: The recipients should be picked up with the right content at the perfect time and in the right tone. Experience over the past few years has shown: the more individual the approach, the shorter the lines of action and the more contemporary the content, the greater the success of customer mailings!

Small and medium-sized businesses in particular should not miss the following trends to take on the competition:

1. Personal address

“Dear recipient” - no one wins an attention prize with neutral speeches these days. On the contrary: it has been proven that impersonal mass emails are far less popular. However, if the customer is addressed by their name, the opening rate can increase by a full 20 percent and the sales rate by 31 percent, while the unsubscribe rate can drop by 17 percent.3 Since currently only around 22 percent of marketing emails are sent in a personalized way, companies can also set themselves apart from the competition relatively easily.4

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2. Automated sending of e-mails

It is also finding its way into small and medium-sized companies: e-mail marketing automation. Addressing the recipient correctly at the right moment by controlling the dispatch increases the conversion rate and increases brand loyalty. There are so many ways in which automated customer mailings can be used: Autoresponder mailings end up in the buyer's mailbox immediately after a product has been purchased, while post-dated mailings can be sent on fixed dates such as Easter, Christmas or birthdays. The more advanced variant are trigger campaigns based on the recipient's e-mail behavior - or on their website behavior, which can be tracked with the help of cookies. But be careful: The GDPR rules must be adhered to here!

3. Interactive content

Barren text deserts without a ray of hope? D rather not! Internet viewing habits are constantly changing - and the interactive display of content is becoming more and more indispensable. Videos, podcasts and animated graphics are all well and good, but your message reaches the recipient even faster if he can play it right away in the newsletter without being forwarded to a landing page beforehand. Interactivity is particularly suitable for call-to-actions: If the customer can already select the size, color or model in the mailing and then click directly on "Buy", this shortens the course of action enormously. Another way to attract the attention of potential customers with interactive formats are surveys with real-time synchronization - this is fun and gives the recipient the feeling that his needs are being taken seriously.

4. Newsletter storytelling

A lot doesn't always help a lot: too often, customer newsletters have to be used as a collection of information that could be of interest to the recipient in any way. But if the common thread is missing, the reader quickly switches to swipe, closes the mailing or, in the worst case, even unsubscribes. Better: tell a good story - preferably one with a call-to-action button as a happy ending. How about, for example, a main topic as a hook and sub-topics with additional information, other ways of looking at the topic or service tips? Good storytelling arouses emotions, binds to the brand and increases the mood to buy.

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5. Mobile Marketing

“Mobile first!” For years this demand has been heard everywhere where people work on the Internet. But the call for the optimal display of web content beyond the usual desktop sizes has grown louder. More than half of all customer mailings are now opened on smartphones. The challenge: Since the display of mailings varies depending on the end device, client and browser, a lot of regular testing has to be carried out. Here are the most important rules for mobile marketing:

  • Pay attention to the length of the subject line: If it is longer than 50 characters, it will not be fully displayed on many smartphone displays.
  • The first sentence in the mailing must be interesting in terms of content, because it also appears in the email preview. Notes like “You can't read this mail? Then click here! ”Can follow later.
  • Not only texts, but also images should be displayed correctly in the mobile version.
  • No call-to-action elements that are too small: the buttons or windows are otherwise not really visible on the smartphone and are hardly clicked.
  • The pages to which the customer mailing is linked should also be optimized for mobile display.

6. Minimalism

Videos, images and infographics can tell at least as good stories as plain text - and visual formats make it easier for the reader to absorb the mail content. A good structure, a clear color and font palette, clear imagery and single-column designs are also easy to read on smartphones and tablets.

7. Test, test, test

There are countless studies on optimizing customer mailings - starting with the perfect sending time to the question of whether or not emojis in the subject line increase the opening rate. But if you really want to be sure how to fully exploit the potential of your target group, you should regularly carry out A / B tests. Because this involves a lot of effort, which many small or medium-sized companies cannot afford in terms of resources and experience, around 62 percent work with professional mail order companies.5

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Article image: Adobe stock