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The Tyrolean singer ÄNN sounds a bit like BOY, a bit like OH WONDER and can capture emotions at least as well as OSKA. Thanks to her profound lyrics and her soft voice, ÄNN nevertheless manages to develop her very own style. You could convince yourself of this on several single releases in the last few years. Her debut album will be released in May 2021, which Itta Francesca Ivellio-Vellin took as an opportunity to talk to ÄNN about album production, experiences of racism and much more.

Your new single "Mother" will be out on February 26th, 2021, a really sensational song.

ÄNN: Thanks! Yes, my mother had to cry - I get a lot of feedback that it's too difficult and sad, let's see!

I'm definitely looking forward to your album, which will be released in May!

ÄNN: Yes me too. It's been a bit of a burden now - it should have been outside by now.

What happened?

ÄNN: Well, last year was “the big C”, which is why there wasn't much studio time in it. The idea was to postpone the release so that maybe a little tour would be possible after all, but well. That’s done for now anyway. My wish was that it would be out in 2019, but it wasn't meant to be. There have been a few more songs in the last few months and now it fits well.

How did you get into making music?

ÄNN: I only took my singing seriously 4 years ago. I've always sung and written songs, and also learned to play the piano. I was then also in the artistic upper school and my main subject was classical singing, actually only because I wanted to do acting and since vocal training is important. But music was always my main passion and I sang more and more. Until I came to Vienna and started my studies, I actually didn't see myself as a singer. That changed when I was in the studio for the first time and recorded a demo of “Vienna” with Thomas Mora. He said that it was actually a good thing and asked if we don't want to do something together. Before I was on stage, however, I was on the radio - that was strange. That's why I have almost no stage experience.

Where did you go to high school?

ÄNN: In Tyrol, even if you don't hear it. I've been in Vienna since 2015.

When was “Vienna” created?

ÄNN: I wrote that the year I moved to Vienna. Vienna shaped me a lot and was actually very well received.

In the videos of your debut single “Painted Floors” and “Vienna” you are very much in focus. With “String Lights” things are different. The song is about friendship, and the video also focuses on your friends.

ÄNN: Yes, I only made “String Lights” with the help of two friends. Last summer we just spent a wonderful day together on a colleague's roof and filmed everything the whole time. In the end I had 25 GB of footage that I then cut. That was fun. The first video, “Painted Floors” came up spontaneously. I actually had completely different plans, but then we were in this warehouse and there was this red light, and after 5 hours full of other shots we finally did a one-take in front of the lighted wall, and that was it! The video for “Vienna” was also a very spontaneous thing. I drove through Vienna for hours in this old Jaguar with a driver, that was cool. The Jaguar got stuck on the road a lot, however, and we drove around the ring - the people behind us didn't think that was so great.

What is particularly nice about this video is that Vienna, i.e. the Ringstrasse, is reflected in the car, it looks really great - especially in black and white. My Viennese heart laughs! There is, however, a certain similarity to Duffys Video from "Warkwick Avenue".

ÄNN: Yeah, I didn't have that in my head at all. In retrospect, someone commented on that under the video or something. Unfortunately, I had completely suppressed it! I always thought the song was great. When I saw the video of Duffy then saw again, I was wondering anyway how I couldn't check it out earlier!

Well, there are a few differences, it's not like that. And there are sure to be a lot more music videos in which people sing in cars! In any case, under “String Lights” someone wrote that the song was addressed to the wonderful band BOY remind. I have to admit, I think so too!

ÄNN: Yes! I was so happy! I am always happy when I read comparisons like this.

There are also artists who say that they find such comparisons annoying because they want to do their own thing, beyond the drawers. For you, it's more of a compliment.

ÄNN: Yes, after all, I am the sum total of all the artists I have heard. Of course they influenced me a lot, so I am happy when people see connections. So far I've only been compared to artists that I actually listen to, so it makes sense to me.

In your song "When I'm with you" you sing: "I don't like myself when I'm with you". Pretty hard.

ÄNN: Yes I know [laughs]. It wasn't necessarily about a romantic relationship. Sometimes it just happens in friendships that it doesn't quite work anymore. You just grow apart, and that's why this song was made. But there is also “I hold my breath to keep these words from you” - so to speak "I don't want to say it, but actually I feel I take it with you".

In almost all of your songs you actually have this recurring theme of “pretending” and a different person to play than you are. How did that develop? Is that also a topic on the album?

ÄNN: Yes, it's the theme of the whole album. I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out who I want to be. The things that appear in “Mother” were the main reason why I tried to adapt. It was from childhood until about 3 years ago that I had the feeling that I didn't know who I am and who I want to be. I deal with that with this album too. In any case, there is a lot about pretending and trying to find myself.

It's always a process, but are you the person you want to be now?

ÄNN: I guess so. Yes I am satisfied. Vienna was also crucial because it was where I got to know a new environment, new people and like-minded people. I realized that I could make music, which was something I always wanted to do, but never thought I was good enough for it. I've found my home here a bit. Even if the first two years were tough.

Yes, Vienna is not always easy.

ÄNN: Nope. But easier than Kitzbühel. So, no offense to all Tyroleans out there. I really like my hometown, but the decision to go to Vienna was the right one for me.

Do you feel represented by Nenda's "Mixed Feelings"? She's from Tyrol too.

ÄNN: Yeah yeah At the moment there is a little more conversation going on about this, I have the feeling. Yesterday was up too FM4 the special with Austrian BIPOC musicians. Last year though, when Black Lives Matter was getting so much in the media, a friend of my mother's asked her if we had this racism problem too. My mother answered, yes of course. Then her friend: "Why then? Your children are pretty pretty anyway! "

I am speechless and stunned. In “Mother” your mother says yes "Different is good". How do you feel about it now?

ÄNN: Today I can do more with it. I didn't want to attract attention as a child and teenager, I wanted to be part of the whole. My mom is from Brazil, and some parents and grandparents couldn't quite accept that I was in class with their children and grandchildren. It is also interesting that my older sister was in the same school as me, but hardly had any problems with racism. I do, however. That's why it was always important for me to be adapted - as I said, that's all the central theme on the album!

Thank you for the nice interview!


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