What are your favorite street arts

9 street artists in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf overflows with art galleries and studios - and that's a good thing. But there are also countless works of art away from the relevant addresses, namely on the street. A stroll through the streets of the city is recommended for discovery. The street art scene is bustling there in the most creative way. We introduce some actors.

Street maid

“Rely on your heart. It hit long before you could even think, “is one of the sentences with which the street maiden hits the mark. The artist started in Cologne, now Düsseldorf (thank God!) Is also part of her field. Her drive: She wants to "counteract the emotional pessimism of our time."

I am well-behaved

"Mainly to give joy" paints and glues IchbinARTig according to its own statements. And it works. Whether muffins, smiling ephemera or different series heroes - the colorful protagonists of the Düsseldorf-based company put you in a good mood. Even to himself: "For me, art is a creative balance to everyday life."


If you are at war with geometry, street art great Metraeda is mild. The artist transforms their clear shapes, mostly triangles, into tape art kites, sometimes into small wooden birds with delicate engravings or into paste-ups. Regardless of the version: she carefully places her works in selected locations that always correspond to the art.

L.E.T. (Les Enfants Terribles)

That L.E.T. is mentioned in the same breath as Banksy is no accident. His versatile stencils, i.e. paintings that come on the wall using stencils with different spray paints, are now also highly traded in galleries. The man from Düsseldorf has been in the street art scene since 1993. Black, white and a little color are enough for L.E.T. to hold up the often dreary mirror to society. For example, he puts a bottle in Charlie Brown's hand and puts “I'm drunk and you're still ugly” in his mouth. The artist draws attention to everyday social structures in a playful way. Children are just as recurring a motif as the statement “Stay weird”. It looks as if L.E.T.'s figures are watching the viewer very closely. Great art!


In line with “World Clean Up Day” and the associated Rhine Cleanup on September 15, ROPE has taken on the topic of garbage in the waters. “To do this, I will collect rubbish on the Rhine and install it in a plant,” he says. He paints his paste-ups by hand, and one or the other may have already noticed the artist with his good-humored ice cream or lemon stickers. But also Alf or E.T. he brings into the streets.

Mrs. Fuchs & Creep collective

Ms. Fuchs is represented on Instagram with the # fürmehrfüchseundmehrliebe. Sometimes glittering, sometimes in a well-known design, the sticker animals enchant the city. And the creep collective also conjures up: creepy heads, mushrooms, or squids, for example. The search for the virtuoso drawings is worth it!


He is the most productive of the glue men. The round eyes of over a thousand city ghosts peek out from green, blue, yellow and, very rarely, from special patterned robes. They comment on what is happening, rolling their eyes, skeptically or with a straight look. “It is important to change the cityscape. Everyone on the train always looks like they haven't slept for five days, ”says Pdot. Welcome to the colorful ghost town on the Rhine!

Opus The Flamingo

“I always try to keep art as simple as possible,” is how Opus The Flamingo describes his work. He easily achieves his goal of distracting people from the gray everyday life and making the dreary world a little more colorful. And his work is by no means trivial: “Sometimes I also take up topics that are close to my heart and try to point out grievances such as danger from plastic waste, illnesses from fast food or oppression within the scope of my possibilities.” So: keep an eye out, pause - and smile smugly with Opus the flamingo!


Polaroid pleased! Even if the captured snapshots of duesselchen are, strictly speaking, Instax Square photos and therefore smaller than Polaroids. As a street artist, he doesn't actually see himself at all and is rather uncomfortable with attention. About his motivation to usually create four pictures per series, he says: “I wanted to give something back within the scope of my possibilities.” He has been following the scene for years and is capturing it photographically on social networks. The special thing about the contributions of the urban art archivist and (after all) the artist: The personal touch with which he captures the supposedly obvious and always arouses curiosity for more. So he takes the readers and viewers on his forays and lets them participate in his thoughts. Even more: it even encourages honest finders to take the works with them. Just like that, modeled on two of his favorite street artists. What does street art mean to him? - "The pieces lift my mood when the sun isn't shining."