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Galan, devourer of the worlds
As the sole survivor of the universe that existed before the Big Bang is Galactus perhaps the most feared being in the cosmos. Billions of years ago he was called a humanoid Gallant on the Planet Taa born, a wondrous paradise of scientific and social achievement; however, his universe was in its final phase when all matter was above the "Big Crunch" fell into a central point and collapsed into a new "Cosmic Egg", a sphere of disorganized, compact primordial matter.

History [edit | Edit source]

Galan, a space explorer, discovered a radiation plague that threatened all of Taa. Though he was initially mocked, the truth became clear when the people of the surrounding planets perished. Despite the efforts of Taa's greatest scientists, a cure could not be found and the population began to die. Galan convinced the handful of survivors to die gloriously by flying a spaceship into the flaming cosmic cauldron. The others were killed by the intense radiation, but Galan was re-energized and saved by the phoenix force of the dying universe. The sentient energy spoke to Galan as it put him in the egg.

With the next big bang, the matter of the cosmic egg exploded outwards and finally condensed into stars and planets. The future galactus and its spaceship were recreated simultaneously with the embodiments of eternity and death, though it floated lazily for billions of years as new life began to populate the universe. The spaceship crashed on an unnamed planet, on the EcceThe Observer saw its inhabitant emerge as raw energy. Ecce recognized the danger the burgeoning creature would pose and could have destroyed him then, but instead he keeps his oath of non-interference. Firing its ship back into space, the creature hurled its lifeless companions into the void to drift there in endless flight. He then created armor to harness and regulate his incredible energies and turned his ship into an incubation chamber in which he spent countless centuries evolving into its current form.

Galactus sent his herald Norrin Radd, the so-called Silver Surver, through the universe so that he could find planets suitable for him to feed on. When Norrin Radd found the earth, he called his master Galactus, whereupon he made his way to earth. But Norrin Radd learned from the Fantastic Four how valuable life is, whereupon he turned against his master and stopped him by bundling his energy and exploding himself in the vicinity or in Galactus and apparently dying The end of the film sees him opening his eyes and calling his board back.

Super powers [edit | Edit source]

  • Cosmic power with which he could destroy planets.
  • He can float, restructure molecules, convert matter into energy and vice versa; Project energy with tremendous harrowing force; teleport oneself, others and objects across space, dimensions and time; to build practically impenetrable fields; restore others from any injury, even total disintegration; and equip or strengthen forces in others.
  • Although he generally avoids physical conflict, Galactus can build his own strength beyond any known system of measurement. Galactus is telepathic and able to scan the minds of virtually every known being.

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • Galactus made its first appearance in the comic Fantastic Four # 48 in March 1966 and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.
  • Don Payne, screenwriter of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, portrayed the supernatural power of Galactus in the form of a gigantic structure made up of smoke, fog and darkness. In the comics had