What can I give my artist friend

Toni days

Welcome to part 2 of the series "Gift ideas for art lovers".

The stylish and functional art umbrella

Most people don't want to get wet when it rains. But most people like Vincent Van Gogh's masterpiece "The Starry Night". This umbrella from Shiningirl puts the two together and uses a print of the famous painting as the canopy for this fully functional accessory. The umbrella is over a meter in diameter when opened and offers adequate protection from a rain shower, but is just under 30 cm long when folded and easily fits in a larger bag or the glove compartment of a car. The ideal gift for your art-loving friend.

A pair of unique and artistic wine goblets

Do you know what goes perfectly with a visual arts discussion? Good wine. Better still, make the art object in question the same glasses from which the wine is drunk with the Sonoma Artisan Stemware Painted Wine Glasses. These spacious goblets have 27 ounce bowls that offer plenty of room for a wine to breathe and open. The bowls themselves are painted in a subtle, lovely mix of colors that swirls around the glass like an imitation of the liquid.
These glasses are a great gift idea for anyone who loves art or wine, and a great gift for someone who appreciates both.

A fine set of oil paints

If you have an honest painter on your shopping list, a good set of oil paints makes a great gift. This MyArtScape oil painting kit comes with 12 tubes of paint in a range of popular colors; mixed properly, the included colors can be used to create almost any hue. And each tube has 21 milliliters of paint inside, a lot more than many brands.
Whether it is to help a budding painter get started or to replenish the materials of an established artist, this set is going to be a hit.

A book that the art historian will appreciate

True understanding of art is more than just aesthetics; it includes a real interest in the rich history of art and an understanding of how different eras, movements, artists, and even individual works have influenced each other over the years. The compelling book "Art That Changes the World" shows a breathtaking selection of works that have done just that and have changed the art world and will indelibly shape the art of future generations.
This book is a must have for art history students and teachers as well as anyone with a real affinity for the culture that surrounds every groundbreaking work from the rich art history.

An artistic examination of the indoor planter

The best works of art include what is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The NYCP Modern Artistic Polyhedron Terrarium is a pretty little planter that can also be used with succulents, air plants, cacti or small flowering plants and is ideal as a gift for an art-loving nature lover. The glass and metal planter looks great on a desk, shelf, or window sill, or it can be hung from the top with a built-in loop. With a height of only 17 cm, the planter is small enough for any room in the house or office, but its eye-catching design still requires a lot of attention and at the same time keeps a valuable plant safely in scene.

The perfect starter set for the young artist

If you've got an aspiring young visual artist on your shopping list, give her a great gift of art with the Darice 80-Piece Deluxe Art Set. This extensive set of art accessories comes in a beautiful wooden case with handles and locks, making it ideal for use on the go and for easy organization and storage of accessories. These supplies include paints, pastels, pencils, and more.
While this kit is not suitable for the professional art studio, it is ideal for young people who are just learning how to create original masterpieces. And the price is right for the gift buyer too.