What is Big Area Additive Manufacturing BAAM

BAAMCI - Big Area Additive Manufacturing

American machine builder Cincinnati is working with Oak Ridge National Laboratory on their latest project, a giant FFF3D printer.

The BAAM, Big Area Additive Manufacturing, is a 3D printer with an installation space of 2.5 * 6m. This enables huge plastic parts to be manufactured additively. BAAM is incredibly fast in this. The extruder achieves G-forces of over 2G when accelerating. The positioning speed reaches peaks of over 250m / min.

Andrew Jamison, CEO of Cincinnati Incorporated:

As one of the oldest U.S. machine tool makers, with continuous operation since 1898, we view this as an opportunity to start a new chapter in our history. Over the years, we've supplied more than 40 metal working machine tools to Oak Ridge and its subcontractors. Now, working together, we intend to lead the world in big-area additive manufacturing for prototyping and production.

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via Cincinnati

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