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Jesus of Nazareth - a world changer

With Jesus of Nazareth a new faith was born: Christianity. Read more about the life of the itinerant preacher and Son of God here

Jesus of Nazareth

  • Life data: 7-4 BC Until 30-31 (exact dates are not known)
  • Place of residence: Nazareth (Israel)
  • Quote: "Love your enemies."

Jesus of Nazareth was born on the night of December 24th (Christmas Eve) on December 25th. He is said to have been resurrected on the third day after his crucifixion (Easter) and 39 days later (Ascension) by his father back into heaven.

How Jesus of Nazareth lived

Jesus was born in Nazareth between 7 and 4 BC BC on a night from December 24th to 25th. His parents were Mary and Joseph, who were on their way to Bethlehem at the time of his birth. There they should be entered in a tax list. Mary was heavily pregnant and gave birth to her first son named Jesus in a stable.

Christians believe that Jesus is not only the child of Mary, but also the Son of God, whom people called "Christ". That means something like "the Redeemer". The name Jesus Christ aptly describes the two sides of his special personality.

Not much is known about Jesus' real life. All of the information that is circulated today about his life and deeds comes primarily from the four gospels of the Bible. This so-called "good news" was written by Christians long after his death. They are about his religious messages and miracles he performed.

First of all, Jesus is said to have worked with his father as a builder. When he was baptized in the year 28, he found his true calling. From then on, Jesus devoted himself exclusively to his faith in God - he became a pilgrim (this is the name given to religious people who spread their message on trips). Most of the time he stayed in what is now Israel and Jordan.

He spoke out in favor of poor relief and disobedience. Jesus also addressed the poor, the sick, and the outcast. Anyone who suffered from leprosy, deaf dumbness or epilepsy in his day, for example, was considered a leper. Nobody wanted to have anything to do with these people, but Jesus turned to them and healed them through closeness and touch.

How Jesus of Nazareth changed the world

Jesus reached many people with his messages. He changed her view of things. His fame rose because he preached in public places. "Love your enemies" is just one of his many teachings. At the same time, the Roman rulers were annoyed by the great popularity and new views of Jesus. Pontius Pilate, the administrator of the Roman emperor, had Jesus arrested and sentenced to death by crucifixion. This happened in AD 30 or 31.

On the third day after the crucifixion (Easter), Jesus is said to have risen again. Another 39 days later (Ascension Day) God, his Father, took him back to heaven. And although Jesus of Nazareth only lived and preached in what is now Israel and Jordan, his messages spread around the world. They caused a new religion to emerge - Christianity.

Christians believe in an Almighty God. In their view, Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God who came to earth in human form. Even today, around two billion Christians around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas.