How does Google fund climate change deniers

Google under fire because the company supports climate change deniers

In the perception of many, Google is a company that is a data octopus, but does a lot to make the world a better place. But it is now clear: the reality is different. It has now also become known that Google supports climate change deniers. Google's PR department has undoubtedly been good at putting the company in a good light for a long time. The company's motto "Don't be evil", which is mentioned again and again, is certainly the best-known example. But under the surface or behind closed doors, Google is anything but a group run by friendly late hippies.

It was recently announced that there is a "toxic work culture" at Google. There were also serious allegations in connection with Andy Rubin, because Google has externally protected and praised him and "rewarded" him with a 90 million dollar settlement - even though an internal investigation had found evidence of his "sexual misconduct" .

The two sides of the group

Now the Guardian is raising new serious allegations against the group from Mountain View, California. Because Google is publicly committed to the climate and supports the fight against global warming - apart from the public, it financially supports numerous "notorious" deniers of climate change, according to the report.

The group supports more than a dozen ultra-conservative think tanks such as the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI). This is an organization that was largely responsible for convincing the Trump administration to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

At the time, Google was publicly disappointed that the US was leaving the climate agreement, but the financial support of the CEI continued. The group is also a sponsor of the State Policy Network (SPN), an umbrella organization for conservative groups like the Heartland Institute. The Guardian describes this as a "radical anti-science group". Members of the SNP recently started a website with a "climate promise", where it is claimed that the environment is getting better and better and that there is "no climate crisis" at all.

Google defended the approach and let it be known that financial support in the context of such "collaborations" does not mean that you share the opinions of the respective organizations. According to Google, they only support the views of these think tanks on technology and network issues, similar to what companies like Amazon (at CEI) do.

Clear demarcation is required

Nevertheless, politicians and climate activists consider this to be unacceptable. Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse demands that US companies position themselves clearly and categorically stop supporting companies that deny climate change.

Incidentally, Google promises full "transparency" with regard to its political commitment - but the exact sums that flow into these organizations, Google did not want to reveal to the Guardian. Google, Logo, Search Engine, Search, RedesignGoogle
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