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Search for suppliers via matrix

Purchasing manager Jochen Kuhnert has developed a supplier evaluation system to evaluate suppliers. Quality features and the competencies and country of origin of the supplier are included in this matrix. The individual criteria are weighted depending on the requirements profile of the customer. “We make this ranking available to our project teams,” explains Kuhnert. The individual customer requirements are thus included in the search for a supplier.

Such a system can also be expanded with a product cost analysis. If the buyer requests the individual cost components for his product in the course of the inquiry to a supplier, this overview enables a detailed evaluation of the supplier. A misjudgment of the product costs is relatively easy to recognize in purchasing. For example, some suppliers offer too cheap because they misjudge the product costs. Problems can arise from this later. In particular, the volatility on the raw material markets should be reflected in the supplier's product costs.

The supply chain is also a source of information on evaluating potential suppliers. The purchasing department of Ganter Interior often visits the trade fairs of the suppliers and machine manufacturers, i.e. those at which the suppliers are looking for new products and processes. The contact with the machine manufacturers allows the department to draw some conclusions about the way their suppliers work. For example, you can deduce how cleanly the edges will be in the showrooms if you know which veneer presses your suppliers are working with. In particular, foreign suppliers, who are rather unknown in this country, can be rated well using machine tracking, says Kuhnert.