What is UberPOP

The Uber business model - the APPs "Uber Black" and "Uber Pop"

"According to the public (advertising) presentations of the applicant to 1), it offers users of electronic communication devices with Internet connection and location (smartphones with GPS) a contract in Hamburg, which allows them to use a program made available to, among other things, private vehicles The object of the contract is, among other things, that the users provide their personal data (including a mobile phone number) and specify a means of payment, from which a company commissioned by the applicant re 1) will pay for the service used ( Transport, cancellation of a transport order, lump sum for soiling of the vehicle used). The program provided is activated for the transport process, which determines the location of the device. The location determined in this way is sent to the destination entered in the program an electronic data processing system transmitted by telecommunication technology, placed there in relation to the location of a driver registered with the applicant for 1) and the respective start and destination locations are transmitted to the driver. The user is then informed of the expected arrival of the vehicle, the approach and the expected fare and the route. Depending on the specific demand for driving services, the fare can also be higher than the standard price of € 1 “starting tariff” plus € 0.25 per minute plus € 1 per kilometer (“minimum tariff” € 4, “cancellation fee” € 4). If the driver accepts the transport order, a confirmation number is sent to the user via the stored mobile phone number, which the user must enter into the program in order to confirm his transport order to the applicant for 1). She sends the confirmation to the driver, whereupon direct contact with the user is opened. After the goal has been achieved, the program will provide the user with a. the length of the route and the fare are displayed and he is asked to confirm the payment by means of a direct debit. It is not possible to pay the fare directly to the driver, and there is no provision for a tip. The applicant keeps 1) 20% of the fare, and returns the rest to the driver at regular intervals. In order to be able to act as drivers, they must enter into a contractual relationship with the applicant for 1). This regulates, among other things, the terms of payment for the driver, the type, condition and year of construction of the vehicle used as well as the duration and scope of the willingness to undertake transports. The applicant for 1) pays the drivers a daily fixed amount (including the driver's share of the transport revenue) if they are ready for journeys according to the times and locations specified by the applicant for 1) and at least 90% of the amount provided by the applicant 1) accept communicated travel offers. Before concluding the contract, the drivers must present their vehicle, which will be inspected for its external condition. At the start of the contract, the drivers are instructed in the activity and receive a smartphone with GPS free of charge for use, via which the (automated) communication with applicant 1) can only be carried out. "