How do I use solfege for chords

Classical guitar, Accompaniment (chords) and solfège


Violin lessons, music theory and music history

The Moscow-born violinist graduated from the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, the Vienna Conservatory and the Royal Conservatory in Brussels (with distinction) and teaches violin in English or in the center of Brussels (Sablon) or at your place. The Moscow violinist, a graduate of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, the Vienna Conservatory and the Royal Conservatory in Brussels (with distinction), gives violin lessons for children, adults and young people. Music lessons for children 1-4 years in the form of a small concert. Course in English, French, German or Russian. Course in the city center (Sablon) or at home in Brussels.


"Music is the key to harmonizing soul and body". Offers personalized piano sessions for all ages in 5 languages.

"What is music? How do you define it? Music is a quiet moonlit night, the rustling of leaves in summer. Music is the distant ringing of bells in the twilight! Music comes straight from the heart and speaks only to the heart: it is love." ! Music is the sister of poetry and her mother is sadness ... "Sergei Rachmaninoff Dear friends and musical souls, :) Before I say who I am, I would first like to address my colleagues who have taken me on this wonderful journey of the Want to accompany music. I offer personalized piano sessions (in fact interactive sessions and not just lessons) for different ages and levels in 5 languages ​​(English, Russian, Czech, Spanish and German). . Also, I invite your co-workers or parents to join. For the sake of simplicity, I have tried to summarize all the necessary information in the following points: - You are welcome to acquire knowledge of classical piano playing as well as basic jazz and modern music - I will adapt the techniques, instructions and suggestions to your expectations, your Adjust level and your understanding - I will help you prepare for musical entrance exams, concerts, current studies or just hobbies :) - We will enjoy the theoretical part together in the simplest possible way, I believe. - Grades and exercises are offered by me - The times are very flexible and can be discussed personally Who am I? I've had a keen interest in music since I was a child and knew that this was the only way for me. I am a classical pianist with 17 years of experience. I am a graduate of the Prague Conservatory and the Jsroslav Jezek Conservatory from where I graduated from college. I am also an alumni of Conservatori Liceu (Barcelona, ​​Spain). After two years of BA music studies with Consrvatori Liceu, I switched to the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel, where I am currently doing my university degree. During my tenure, I took part in many competitions, including the International Vienna Classical Competition in Vienna, the Sergei Prokofiev International Piano Competition in Prague, the International Piano Competition in Cøpenhagen, Györ and many others. I am also active as a concertmaster. Some of the highlights are concerts in Belgium (Brussels, Namur), Prague, Cøpenhagen, Vienna, Györ, Barcelona, ​​Badalona and Nuremberg. I am also an active chamber musician. I have been giving private lessons since 2013. If you would like to know more about the sessions or myself, please feel free to contact me. Are you ready to accompany me on a beautiful journey where body and soul are in harmony? Looking forward to hearing from you soon. :) :)


Violin, viola, music theory and piano for school principals.

Hello! Me llamo Julia, tengo 24 años y estoy estudiando el máster de educationación en la Universidad de Alicante. Hice el superior en el CSMCLM y el año pasado estudié en el Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussels, y he trabajado desde 2014 como profesora de clases Particulares de música. He enseñado a niños, adultos y personas con discapacidad, así como en español, inglés, alemán y francés. Para more information no dudes en contactarme. Hello! I'm Julia, I'm 24 and I'm studying for my Masters at Alacant's University. I did my bachelor's degree in CSMCLM, where I also worked as a teacher for 5 years (violin, viola, music theory and piano for main lessons). I have taught children, adults and people with disabilities and I always tailor teaching to the person's ability to get the most benefit from it in a playful way! I can also prepare the viola exams for the Bachelor's degree. I speak Spanish, English, German and a little bit of French (I'm on my way to improve it). And I could do the class at your home! For more information do not hesitate to contact me. :)

Bartholomeus Henri

learn or perfect to play the violin in private lessons

The qualified teacher offers an individual course in order to be able to learn better. The goal is to move the student forward. Learn to be your own teacher by studying your instrument. Enjoy the pleasure of playing an instrument with respect.


Piano, violin, guitar, music theory and exam preparation. Fun, accessible, and fun classes.

With 27 years of experience and success as a Qualified Music Teacher (PGCE), I specialize in delivering high quality, structured piano, violin and guitar lessons that are tailored to each student and designed to provide achievable goals and fun power and fun for the student. The key and essence of my teaching is that the student always has as much fun learning as I enjoy caring for, guiding and helping the student to improve. I have a history of successful exam results at all of the Associated Board Exam Colleges as well as Trinity Rock School. I am happy to offer classes for students who want to study for fun as well as passing exams.


Music lessons for cello (baroque / modern), piano, harpsichord for all ages and levels.

Playing musical instruments is one of the most efficient methods of developing intelligence, discipline, concentration, sensitivity and expressiveness, especially for young people. My classes are for those who want to develop these qualities. For more advanced students, I use the repertoire they practice to teach the analysis of music, harmony, and also a historical perspective for the works they study, the recognition of styles. I lead my students to analyze their game on their own, to define difficulties and to come up with solutions - how they can become their own teachers over time. I organize small concerts for the more advanced students. Piano, harpsichord, modern cello, baroque cello, music theory (harmony). Fluent in English, Russian and Bulgarian, intermediate level in Dutch and German. I have been teaching privately for more than 15 years in Brussels and New York and probably more than 70-80 students. I am a graduate of the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel, baroque cello and harpsichord, but have played modern cello and piano in the past.


Flute lessons for everyone in German, English or Spanish.

Welcome! Would your child like to play the flute or do you take on the challenge of learning to play an instrument? Are you an advanced flute player looking for more input or ready to restart your old hobby? I would love to help you with that! After studying to be a teacher in Wiesbaden in 2017, I will continue my studies at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel. Teaching at multiple music schools has allowed me to cater to the individual needs of each student - and I still study with each class! The lessons take place at my home or at your home. I look forward to seeing you in class!


Professional piano lessons by concert musicians and piano teachers.

• MK piano course for those who want to learn piano. Enjoy the music! • Lessons for beginners, advanced and advanced learners. Classes are based on the level of the student. • This is particularly suitable for those who want to attend a music university. Many students on this course have passed the music university entrance exams.


Tutoring in Brussels

I finished my CNSM in Lyon in 2017 and I offer viola da gamba lessons for all levels and ages. We go through the repertoire from the Renaissance to the Baroque and through improvisation and ornamentation and explore the viol playing (above, tenor or bass viol). I am currently teaching cellists in the Baroque Cello Masterclass at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.


Bassoon lessons! Technology, repertoire (classical, pop, jazz), ensembles

Young, highly educated and experienced bassoonist (Greece, Germany, Belgium), both on stage and in class, gives private bassoon lessons. Work in a nice and relaxed atmosphere and respond to the needs and wishes of the students! For all ages and levels !!!


Guitar and singing lessons for all ages!

Professional musician, I've been teaching guitar and singing for 15 years. My courses are designed to teach you how to have fun with music, singing and accompanying all the songs you love in all kinds of styles. Music theory and music theory are not compulsory, but they go beyond that.


Cello lesson

If you want to start, improve or resume cello learning, I am a cello teacher who graduated from Suzuki's Pedagogy and Conservatories in Paris and Innsbruck, offering private lessons for all levels and ages. Possibility from 3 years. Possibility to form group classes. I am waiting for you with pleasure!


Music lessons, private lessons, easy and fun

Musicwonderland is simple and enjoyable. I teach you with great enthusiasm :) Violinwonderland, easy and fun. After a great international career, I love teaching everyone the violin! It's simple and based on the right movements that directly deliver the right sound :)


Skype piano / keyboard, composition, music theory lesson

Keyboard lessons, piano lessons, organ lessons, composition lessons from an experienced keyboardist and composer. At Wym, all of this is possible. He has been teaching children and adults for fifteen years. He is a member of the music pedagogy Middennederland in Amersfoort and gives private lessons at home in the center of Utrecht. Changed now via Skype due to circumstances. If you like it permanently.