Do professors have favorite students

How do you become a favorite student?

Many universities and colleges are large and anonymous and maybe sometimes you have the feeling that you are almost invisible in the crowd. Often it is not that easy to make friends with the students, because in every lecture you are surrounded by new faces, but that a professor knows your name is really utopian ...

Only sometimes do you see them after all: the fellow students who seem to stand out from the crowd. You stroll down the corridors, books under your arm and engaged in a lively conversation with the lecturer. In the seminar, they are called by their first names. When it comes to the allocation of auxiliary positions, they always win. We're talking about favorite students.

And while your favorite pupil was still the mockery of the class back then in middle school, there are some good reasons at university to win this title. After all, for quite a few people it was the starting signal for a successful university career.

But how does it work? How do you become your favorite student? Jobmensa has put together the 6 most important steps on the way to your goal:

  1. Never be late!

One of the most frequent responses from lecturers to the question: "What annoys you most about students?" Is: "If they are late." Many professors are confused when the door opens every five minutes and another latecomer strolls into the lecture hall. In the best case, he then squeezes through a whole row to sit next to his buddy and greets the colleagues in the area in a good mood. Meanwhile, you will look in vain for a good mood with Prof. The troublemaker is badly remembered.

But is it enough not to be late to become your favorite student? Certainly not. This is a necessary, but not a sufficient condition!

  1. Shine through good preparation!

If you want to stand out positively, then you should always be up to date. Therefore, read through the texts for the current session every week, working on what you did not understand in the last session. And in the best case: Take a look at further background material - secondary literature, current research contributions, publications by the professor, ... Good preparation is the decisive step for the next step on your way to becoming your favorite student:

  1. Participate in discussions in the seminar!

The discussions in the seminar are the first and most important point of reference for your professor when it comes to the performance of his students. He can get an overview and good people catch his eye. If you take part in the discussions, you show interest and commitment - which of course makes a good impression. However, the level of the contributions to the conversation should also be right, because Laberbacken is not particularly well received by the professors - but for this purpose you also take point 2 into account.

  1. Let yourself be seen!

If you want to score points with a professor, it is usually not enough to only meet him once a week in the overcrowded lecture. Find out about the seminars that the lecturer is offering in the current semester and then try to attend them as a whole. At some point your face will stick with the professor. You also have the advantage of establishing links between the various seminars - because the same topics are often examined from different perspectives.

There are also opportunities to start a conversation, especially at events outside of the classroom, such as summer schools, institute celebrations or perhaps even at the teacher-versus-student soccer tournament. It is definitely worthwhile to find out what is going on in addition to the course catalog.

  1. Set your focus!

Now you might get the impression that a lot is being asked of you here. Where should you get all the time from, when to prepare all the seminars? And in the summer you actually wanted to go on vacation and not also go to the summer school ...

It is therefore important that you set your focus. Of course, you cannot work with the same energy in every single seminar. That is why it makes sense to focus on the most interesting events. In any case, it is worthwhile to attend fewer seminars and to work properly there instead of just hitting the schedule.

And it is actually clear that the lecturer's courses come first - because the professor whose favorite student you want to become should of course also be your favorite lecturer.

  1. Do not exaggerate!

Slowly you might get the impression that you will soon not be the new favorite student, but the new favorite stalker of your professor. Therefore, make sure that you do not overdo it with your commitment! You don't have to sit in the front row in every seminar and contribute 80 percent of the speeches. It also doesn't make a particularly good impression to march towards the lectern for a personal talk after each meeting. After all, you shouldn't annoy your professor. Therefore, find the right level of commitment and restraint and rather arouse attention through less pointed contributions than through intrusive persistence.

And then: seize opportunities!

Did you manage to attract your professor's attention as a high-performing, committed and personable student? Then the only thing left to do is: seize and use opportunities.

Keep your eyes open! Is the professor currently looking for a student assistant? Will the people who offer seminar-accompanying tutorials be finished with their studies in the near future? Is your professor just registering a new research project for which he could need additional work? How about if you would pursue one of his theses in your bachelor thesis? Could a meaningful collaboration result?

In one of these cases you have a much better chance if you don't approach your lecturer as a blank slate, but he already has a good impression of you. Therefore, take the opportunity to show him your interest in his field of research. Don't be afraid to arrange a consultation hour in which you can go over your ideas and perspectives with him. Most professors are happy to be seen as advisors for your scientific ambitions and, in the best case, a door will open for you.

Discuss on Jobmensa: How are your experiences? Have you ever won the hearts of your lecturers? Or do you find favorite students rather stupid?

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My name is Joanna, I used to work for Studitemps and wrote articles for Jobmensa magazine. I studied German and Romance studies and experienced a lot as a student: changing subjects, living in a boys' flat, living alone or in a student dormitory, what felt like 5,000 pages of seminar paper, time abroad, met a lot of great people and above all : lots of fun while studying! Back then as the editor-in-chief of the Jobmensa magazine, it was my concern not only to offer you the latest topics related to studying, but also to entertain you and share one or the other experience with you.