Can your Venmo be hacked?

Finances Pepsi is adding cash to your Venmo account.

Absurd tuning coupé brings 90,000 euros - Mercedes 560 SEC from 1987

A US “tuner” transformed a Mercedes 560 SEC into this wide-body monster in the 80s. Now the Mercedes 1000 SEL Autosalon 2000 Super Sport has been auctioned - for a higher price than an original car would achieve. © RM Auctions Kalle Grabowski would love this car. In the cult film “Bang Boom Bang”, the character played by Ralf Richter cannot think of anything better than to spend the money stolen from a bank robbery on a questionably tuned Mercedes 500 SEC of the 126 series, which comes from even more questionable previous ownership.

The loyalty program of

Would you like soft drink manufacturers to stop using point systems for reward programs and simply give you cash? You will get your wish in a moment ... so to speak. Pepsi is launching a PepCoin loyalty program that rewards you for purchasing a single serving drink and a Frito Lay snack by sending money to PayPal and Venmo accounts. Scanning enough codes on bottles and bags will give you a little cash. You have to make $ 2 before it goes into your account, but that's real pocket money - you can use it to pay for your share of last night's pizza.

Theft charge: US couple finds $ 120,000 in bank account after bank error - and spends almost everything

A couple from the US state of Pennsylvania found $ 120,000 in their bank account after a bank mistake. But instead of contacting the bank, the two simply spent the money. Now they face charges of theft. A couple from the US state of Pennsylvania suddenly found 120,000 dollars in their account, but instead of reporting the error to the bank, the two squandered almost all of the money on vehicles, paid bills and gave some of them away to friends. This was reported by the US news channels CNN and CBS, among others. Accordingly, the two are now threatened with charges of serious theft.

The beverage giant informs Engadget that this is a permanent program. You won't be under pressure to have soft drinks and fries at every opportunity, even if there is undoubtedly an incentive to pick them when you satisfy a craving at the supermarket.

This is definitely an unusual move and reflects how online payments have taken hold. It is certainly easier than converting points or asking stores to pay customers. The question is whether or not people will adopt the program in large numbers. In a way, this is an experiment to see how much the snack-seeker cherishes digital money.

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The terrifyingly simple technique of using the Jack Dorsey's Twitter account.
was kidnapped on Friday afternoon, Jack Dorsey's 4.2 million Twitter followers received an unpleasant surprise. A group of vandals had been given access to the account and used that access to blow up a stream of obnoxious messages and plugs for their group's discord channel. Within 15 minutes, the account was back under control and the group was banned from Discord.