You need Xbox Live for Fortnite

Why you no longer need Xbox Live Gold to play Fortnite

If you've tried playing Fortnite without Xbox Live Gold in the past, you've found that even though you can play for free, you need an Xbox Live Gold membership to play it.

If you've been burned this way in the past, you'll be delighted to know that you can now play Fortnite (and a host of other free games) on Xbox without an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

How to play Fortnite without Xbox Live Gold

You previously needed an active Xbox Live Gold subscription to play Fortnite, as well as a number of other free online games on your Xbox. This is because you need a subscription to use online multiplayer features on the Xbox network, including games that are free to play.

That was, to say the least, quite silly. Especially when the console rivals Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo allow you to play free online games without paying the privilege.

Both companies have Fortnite on their consoles, both have paid online multiplayer service, and yet both allowed people without a membership to play Fortnite online.

This is probably why Microsoft finally gave in and allowed people to play free games without Xbox Live Gold. Yes, that means all free games are available without an Xbox Live Gold subscription, not just Fortnite.

This move is just one of many blessings for free players. For example, you can now use Xbox Party Chat without a membership, so you can talk online for free.

You can now play Fortnite on your Xbox with or without Xbox Live Gold

People without an Xbox Live Gold membership used to be banned from playing free online games even though the games themselves were free. Microsoft has changed its stance, however, likely due to competition from its competing consoles.

So, if you own an Xbox and have never played Fortnite, now is a good time to give it a try. It can be a bit overwhelming at first. So be sure to read up on the controls and best practices before you jump in.