Are heels with socks really possible?

Conversation topic: Open coats, no socks in winter - If you want to be beautiful, you have to freeze?

The best example: When I was at the New Faces Award 2016, I had to leave the party earlier because my companion's feet hurt. No thanks! I prefer to put on boots or slippers - after all, there are so many great alternatives today - and dance the evening away! But Alexa! Aren't those Spanx things awfully uncomfortable? I'm in a crisis when I'm wearing very tight jeans ...

Alexa: Yes, you have to really work your way into that. But the effect is stark on me. I would feel a lot more uncomfortable if everything wobbles and rolls under my dress. However, I once wore a backless dress at a wedding and while eating, the liver sausage-colored Spanx peeped out from behind. That was embarrassing. My thesis: The new empire dress is ankle-free in winter and Spanx are the new corsets. However, with “Pipiloch”, as Ari has now explained to me. I've always wondered what the hole between the legs is for! But then should you go to a party without underpants? That would be real suffering for me. A terrible idea, not sexy.

Ari: I was very close to buying a short Spanx suit with a pee hole for my outfit for a wedding in September. A friend recommended it to me warmly because the silk dress was still wrinkled on the belly. In the end I didn't do it, but it might have saved me an uncomfortable moment on the bus with the wedding party. Because the dress was unfortunately anything but still-friendly and since we were stuck in traffic for several hours unplanned, I had to breastfeed my baby on the way and then pull the dress up completely - in other words, the suit would have covered at least a little more skin than panties and bra.

Anna-Lena: Hahaha, does it happen to you that your legs roll up all the time and you always have a small sausage hanging at the base of your legs? Unfortunately, this cannot simply be remedied inconspicuously, you have to go to the toilet every time. That annoys me even more than being squeezed in.

Ari: How is it going with you when it comes to underwear? Do you have bras with different straps or have you already tried these adhesive cups or just nipple covers? Or do you wear dresses and tops that don't even require it? And ever to leave the house without Schlüppi, as Chrissy Teigen likes to do?

Alexa: Ok, now this is going to be the nastiest topic of conversation in Journelles history! Pee hole, nipple cover and no panties? Ari, you bad, bad girl!

Marie: Eh, so we were actually on the topic of "ankle-free!" So up to a certain temperature, I still participate in ankle-free, but as soon as the thermometer shows below 7 degrees, I take out my Ugg boots and wool socks every year. I really admire women who look great even in deep winter and slush and I would love to be one of them.

But I don't live in a modern age where there are thermal tights, the best warming underwear from Uniqlo and thick coats, so that I can do without them when I freeze?

Anna-Lena: The most unrotic thing I've ever bought was actually a kidney warmer. And I loved that thing. I bought it with two friends before my skiing holiday, but we still wore it all winter afterwards, chilling out on the couch as well as going for a winter walk. But we almost felt like we'd bought sex toys. Because those things made us all very happy, but we never talked about them again and never showed them again. Connoisseurs are silent.