Are electronic blood pressure monitors reliable

Blood pressure monitors in a practical test

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High blood pressure is a dangerous widespread disease. Over-the-counter measuring devices can be used to check blood pressure. They determine the blood pressure values ​​on the upper arm or wrist. In a random sample, Markt compares how reliably and precisely these four devices measure.

For the Measurement on the upper arm

  • Medisana BU510 from the Internet for 19.95 euros
  • Uebe Visomat Comfort-Form from the pharmacy for 45.95 euros

For the Measurement on the wrist

  • Sanitas SBC21, bought from Real for 14.99 euros
  • Panasonic EW 3006 from the pharmacy for 39.99 euros

For the practical test, the blood pressure monitors are compared with a professional measurement by a doctor. For this purpose, the blood pressure value is measured twice with each device and an average value is formed. Then measurements are taken twice with a calibrated professional device from the doctor's office. A doctor checks all measurements.

Algorithm determines the blood pressure value

None of the devices in the sample used the classic method of measuring blood pressure with a stethoscope and a mercury column. The measuring devices determine the blood pressure oscillometrically. That means: You record the vibrations of an artery and evaluate the data with an algorithm. How exactly this works, none of the manufacturers reveals in the operating instructions.

Tips for Buying a Blood Pressure Monitor

When buying, consumers can use the seal of the German Hypertension League as a guide. The marked devices have been extensively tested by doctors. To ensure that the values ​​are correct, you can take your blood pressure monitor to the doctor and compare the measured values ​​there directly.

Measure blood pressure on the upper arm or wrist?

Many doctors recommend measuring on the upper arm. But the devices are usually large and bulky, wrist measuring devices are usually smaller and more manageable. But they are sensitive to how the arm is held during the measurement. Ideally, it should be at heart level and not be moved during the measurement.

Conclusion: the most expensive device measures accurately and reliably

In the sample from Markt, blood pressure measurement on the upper arm is more reliable than on the wrist. The blood pressure monitor from Uebe from the pharmacy comes particularly close to the result of the medical measurement. With the cheaper blood pressure monitor for the upper arm from Medisana, the measured values ​​fluctuate more. The wrist blood pressure monitors from Panasonic and Sanitas indicate high blood pressure, although the values ​​measured by the doctor are in the normal range.

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