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Applying for a gun ownership card - this is how it works

The application for a gun ownership card is regulated by law

The GermanWeapons Act prescribes that for the Possession of weapons that require a license a gun license is to be applied for. This is mandatory under gun law necessary authorization.

The handling as well as the acquisition and possession of weapons is in the Weapons Act and the associated annexes regulated. For which weapons a weapon possession card (WBK) is required for legal possession is defined in the relevant paragraphs as well as the legal requirements, to receive one.

Who made an application a WBK must indicate for which weapons this is necessary and what conditions must be fulfilled for the acquisition of a gun ownership card, the following guide takes a closer look.

FAQ: Apply for a gun license

Where can you apply for a gun ownership card?

The application for a weapons possession card must be submitted to the responsible weapons authority.

What are the requirements for an application?

Section 4 of the Weapons Act determines which conditions must be met for an application for a weapon possession card. You'll find more about it here.

Does the application have to prove a need for gun possession?

Yes, there is always evidence of a need to own a weapon. This must be done at the same time as the application for a gun ownership card.

Apply for WBK - where possible

Apply for a gun ownership card must all thosewho want to acquire and own weapons that require a license. Which weapons belong to this category is in § 2 Weapons Act (WaffG) as well as in the Annex 2 defined to this.

Usually this is the case about firearms. Cut and stab weapons are either generally prohibited or allowed to be owned. You do not need to show a weapon possession card for this type of weapon.

The WBK is accordingly for certain firearms and to apply for their ammunition, if this legal to be owned. However, the gun ownership card does not allow you to carry these guns, so it is a purchase authorization and does not constitute a gun license.

Firearms used for Hunting, shooting or as a collector's item are used in the vast majority of cases Weapons requiring a licensethat require ownership. But how do hunters, marksmen, collectors or heirs get a WBK?

Applying for a gun ownership card usually comes with some Effort involved, because some legal requirements have to be met.

The Application a gun ownership card must be submitted to the competent weapons authority in writing respectively. Since the enforcement of the Weapons Act in Germany is a matter for the federal states, you can different authorities act as a weapons authority in the counties or cities. Usually, however, these are the respective ones District administrations, the regulatory authorities or the responsible police departments.

Applicants can usually apply at the citizen services of their place of residence inform which authority is responsible for the Issuance of a gun ownership card responsible for.

The most important requirements for applying for a gun license

In § 4 WaffG the legal requirements are defined that must be observed when applying for a gun ownership card. The paragraph lays down the requirements for a permit for acquiring, possessing, shooting and carrying weapons.

In order to be able to apply for a gun ownership card, interested parties must according to § 4 WaffG the following conditions fulfill:

(1) A permit requires that the applicant
1. has reached the age of 18 (Section 2 (1)),
2. has the required reliability (Section 5) and personal aptitude (Section 6),
3. has demonstrated the required expertise (Section 7),
4. has demonstrated a need (§ 8) and
5. When applying for a firearms license or a shooting license, proof of liability insurance in the amount of 1 million euros - a flat rate for personal injury and property damage. [...] "

The applicant must physically and mentally capable be responsible for using a weapon. He points this out through the personal suitability to.

Consist Doubts about suitability or reliability, the application may be rejected or one psychology control are required by the weapons authority.

The reliability under gun law is made by the authority on the basis of information from the Federal Central Register, checked from the central public prosecutor's procedure register and the local police authorities. In addition, from 2020 there will also be a regular query from the protection of the constitution. Persons who have become constitutionally suspicious can be denied reliability under gun law.

Are applicants in the past for improper use of weapons have been noticed or have been sentenced to imprisonment of at least one year for a crime and if the legal force was less than ten years ago, is often from an unreliability according to § 5 Abs. 1 WaffG went out.

Affected can in this case do not acquire a gun ownership card. The request will be denied.

In addition to the aforementioned requirements, you must also proof of participation in a specialist training course provided if interested parties want to apply for a gun ownership card. From this scheme hunters are excludedwho can prove such expertise with a valid hunting license.

Furthermore, the Need to acquire weapons verifiably available. Because it no right to own a gun there must be a reasonable reason for it. Target marksmen, hunters or gatherers usually have such a need. This existing need is from 2020 every five years again to prove.

Only heirs to arms have to no need provide evidence when applying for a gun license within one month of acceptance of the inheritance put.

In order to acquire a WBK, in addition to the Application for an identity card or passport, any necessary psychological certificate and, depending on the reason for the possession of a weapon more documents be submitted.

These documents include the Proof of competence, a hunting license for hunters, a certificate from a shooting club for sport shooters and in the case of collectors, proof of the cultural-historical significance of weapons.

If interested parties do not meet the legal requirements from the outset, they can do not apply for a gun license.

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Applying for a gun ownership card - this is how it works
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