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Flawless diamonds, one carat (1.01-1.03 ct) - the measure of all things when it comes to diamonds

A flawless 1-carat diamond has always been synonymous with lasting value. Its unique properties and its natural rarity make it the "oldest material asset" in the world. Every woman dreams of wearing it as a solitaire in fine jewelry.

A flawless diamond of 1 carat for investment

As an investment diamond, it should be perfectly cut as a brilliant. Its qualitative and technical properties must be documented in an internationally recognized certificate (GIA). The worldwide reputation of a diamond certificate is of great importance for determining the value of a diamond today.

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What you should know: diamonds need experience and expertise

In the world of diamonds, experience and expertise have top priority. Even the smallest, barely noticeable nuances have a major influence on the price and also on the resalability of a diamond. For example, diamonds should only be purchased from specialists who have many years of experience in this particular profession.

When it comes to real assets, it has proven to be good practice to focus on top quality. In order to optimize the intrinsic value of a diamond, we at DIAMONDAS only offer investment diamonds in the highest quality categories based on our decades of experience:

  • Flawless diamonds
  • in the highest colors
  • in excellent cut
  • with the best GIA certificate
  • only in the sizes you are looking for

All investment diamonds offered by us have a certificate from the most internationally renowned testing laboratory for diamonds - the “Gemological Institute of America” (GIA), an independent foundation. Diamond professionals around the world rely on these assessments. No other certificate comes close to the importance of GIA. The price of a diamond is now also tied to its certificate.

To identify the diamond with its GIA certificate, the respective certificate number and the GIA logo are attached directly to the diamond by laser.

But the certificate does not only play an important role when it comes to purchase, it is just as important for resale. With the undisputed reputation of GIA certificates, optimal prices can be achieved in the most important demand markets when reselling investment diamonds.

At DIAMONDAS it goes without saying that every stone delivered is provided with a handwritten confirmation that this diamond comes from ethically sound sources and is fully in accordance with the compliance guidelines of the European Community and the corresponding UN regulations.

Diamonds as an investment

Investing in diamonds is purely physical, i. H. whoever buys a diamond as an investment also acquires it physically. Diamonds are considered to be the most mobile material asset with the highest concentration of value (“store of value”): For example, the value of a flawless five-carat of the best quality (1 carat = 0.2 grams) corresponds to the value of around 10 kilograms of gold. The price of diamonds has developed positively over the past 25 years. The prognoses for the next few years assume a long-term rise in diamond prices with rising demand, especially from Asian countries, with simultaneous stagnation of production volumes.

Investment diamonds should be cut as brilliant-cut diamonds, the round classic with 56 facets. With a share of over 96% of all cut diamonds, it is the most widespread. DIAMONDAS customers say they build diamond portfolios of around 5% of their total assets. Your investment horizon is long-term, often with a view to safeguarding assets for the next generations.

If you are planning an investment in investment diamonds, you can order directly online here or get information in advance by telephone:
Germany +49 (0) 211 237 04922
Belgium +32 3 808 39 37

Dr. Ulrich Freileben himself with his more than 30 years of experience in the international diamond markets in putting together a tailor-made diamond portfolio for your planned investment budget.

Acquire diamonds anonymously (“over the counter”)?

It doesn't always have to be just precious metals when it comes to an anonymous purchase of tangible assets to protect assets. DIAMONDAS also offers investment diamonds as so-called “over-the-counter transactions” within the still existing legal maximum in Germany and Austria up to EUR 9,999.- for anonymous purchase.

We would be happy to provide you with the details:
Germany +49 (0) 211 237 04922

Anonymous acquisition of diamonds

Investment diamonds and dollars

When investing in investment diamonds, it must be taken into account that diamonds - like all precious metals and raw materials - are generally traded in US dollars worldwide. In this respect, the euro / USD currency parity is also relevant for the pricing of investment diamonds.

For this reason, DIAMONDAS adjusts its online price every 10 minutes to reflect current currency developments. When an order is placed, the currently valid US dollar rate is decisive for the creation of the invoice in euros.

The value of a diamond

It has become internationally accepted that the value of a diamond is essentially measured by the 4 C:

  • CLARITY - the purity
  • COLOR - the color
  • CUT - the cut quality
  • CARAT - the weight

These and other qualitative and quantitative price-determining features of a diamond must be documented in a certificate. The decisive factor is who issues this certificate. The basic requirement is sustainable technical expertise and the greatest care when determining quality. In addition to the 4 C, an important criterion for the value of the diamond is how high the international reputation of the testing diamond laboratory is. Therefore, when determining the value of a diamond, one speaks of the 5th C = Certificate.

The resale of investment diamonds

Every investment is only as good as its recyclability. This is especially true for an investment in investment diamonds. At DIAMONDAS, buying diamonds is not a one-way street. First and foremost, we as the seller see it as our responsibility to support you in the event of the planned resale of the diamonds purchased from us in such a way that you can achieve an optimal sale price.

To do this, we proceed in this order, depending on the current market situation:

  1. DIAMONDAS will buy back these diamonds and add them to its inventory or
  2. We offer them to our customers at home and abroad or
  3. We sell your diamonds for you on the worldwide diamond markets.

This requires an international network in the world of diamonds, which DIAMONDAS and its affiliated companies have had for more than 30 years.

To determine the sales price, we will make you offers and suggestions based on the current diamond prices at the time of resale on the basis of the current currency parity with the US dollar.

In addition, international auction houses such as Sotheby’s, Christie’s o. the possibility of recycling unmounted diamonds.

We are convinced that in the near future there will be online platforms, as is already the case with cars, art and watches, that directly bring together buyers and sellers of investment diamonds around the world. Here, too, it will be of great advantage to have the most internationally recognized diamond certificate from GIA.

Process flawless one-carat jewelery?

We are often asked whether investment diamonds can also be used in jewelry. If it is a professional and trustworthy jewelry production, that is no problem at all. The value of a diamond is retained in full if it is handled appropriately and handled with care, even if it is expertly set in a ring or other piece of jewelry. Here we have a tip for you: jewelry

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