Why is astrology so popular

Still others may be superstitious and therefore also need something to hold onto and determine the way they think and act. Many just find it exciting to see what can be read in the daily horoscope and recognize themselves in some. Numerous people who were born in the same zodiac sign actually have similar natures and character traits, so there are similarities. Take a look at your own horoscope (example page) and decide for yourself whether you want to rediscover yourself in whole or in part. Some people take valuable tips or advice from their horoscopes to help them cope with everyday life.

Historical excursion into the history of horoscopes

A horoscope is also called a cosmogram and is the most important instrument in astrology. It shows the positions of the most famous celestial bodies in our solar system, such as the various planets, the sun and the earth's moon, at a very specific point in time. In earlier times, the basis for this was provided by complicated and sophisticated, millennia-old astronomical calculation methods. Nowadays, when everything is technically sophisticated and laid out, mostly an astrological software is used, which carries out these calculations fully automatically. The zodiac signs were already in the 3rd century BC. Known to the Egyptian Ptolemies. From this, ascendants and horoscope houses were derived. Even the hermetic laws “as above, so below” - that is, the doctrine of the quality of time - is based on astrology.

What is a horoscope

It is a kind of astronomical sketch of the sky at the time of a person's birth. Based on the zodiac and the so-called "houses", which means certain force fields, zones and sectors, the birth picture is determined on the course of the stars. It is a thousand-year-old means of interpreting and recording a person's personality structures. If a horoscope is to be designed individually and not comprehensively for the zodiac sign in general, specific information is required. These are the exact time of birth, the place of birth and the date of birth. Then professionally trained astrologers can create a very personal horoscope.

What types of horoscopes are there?

In addition to the aforementioned daily horoscopes, monthly horoscopes, annual horoscopes and partner horoscopes, there are of course many other types of horoscopes. For example weekly horoscopes, financial horoscopes, friendship horoscopes, health horoscopes, fitness horoscopes, love horoscopes, professional horoscopes, moon phase horoscopes, China horoscopes and many others. Of course, you should think carefully about where to read such a horoscope and what the quality of the whole thing is. You can read a horoscope in a women's magazine at the doctor's as well as in the Bild newspaper. These types of newspaper and press horoscopes are astrologically perhaps not quite as sophisticated and well-founded, they are simply kept quite banal and sweeping. Not every horoscope can be believed, you should definitely turn to trained professionals with astrological knowledge. To this day, a horoscope is a popular and well-read instrument for checking projects, making decisions and being able to see future prospects in advance and, last but not least, it is only used for entertainment.