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1 September 2014 P.b.b., Verlagspostamt Perchtholdsdorf 2380, 02Z October 2016 crackle in a new look! Do you want to know what will make the Austrians crackle in the new season? Then turn to page 13!

2 Christoph Gerhold is a passionate ARAplus consultant, always on the hunt for the perfect solution for his customers. Like all ARAplus experts, he draws on the comprehensive know-how of the entire ARA Group and thus offers a complete service, which is one of the reasons for the high connection rate in Austria. Detect. Understand. To solve. ARAplus stands for advice on how advice should be: A comprehensive needs assessment to identify the challenges. An in-depth analysis of the facts to understand the context. And finally, individual solutions for the needs of customers. DETECT. UNDERSTAND. TO SOLVE. THE ARA GROUP

October 3, 2016 Optimistic about the future Large CASH survey among trade and industry

4 Because business blind flying can be dangerous. BusinessPlanner Integrated financial planning for large and small companies. The importance of well-functioning financial controlling is shown by the fact that around 40% of all bankruptcies can be traced back to financial blind flight. The BusinessPlanner, the planning system of Bank Austria, combines business know-how, a high level of user friendliness and the most modern technologies. We would be happy to inform you which version best suits your company.

5 b Willy Zwerger playing field for the lute comment Basically, it doesn't matter whether common sense is male or female, whether you personally like discount tokens or not, whether the butterfly meadows or the rainforests are saved within our society, there will always be some that Denouncing decisions made by others. It is only important to them that they are against it in principle, because it is well known that being for something is automatically associated with weakness. And yes, all of us, at least most of us, like to be strong. Where anonymity is given a broad playing field, the sounds are in their element. want to be. As is well known, both on a small and large scale, those who shout against it the most are in truth the notorious non-decision-makers, those who get no further and prefer to play it safe quietly and secretly not to decide anything, at least guarantees me a mistake to do less. And trusting God that many things will take care of themselves anyway, one often and happily sits behind the warm stove until things have automatically turned around. However, if someone else has made a decision and it doesn't matter which one you automatically feel deceived and personally insulted. Just as automatically and naturally, one takes the right, in the dark of anonymity, to tease the decision itself and the decision-maker per se, to denounce him, to insult him personally, to threaten him and often even to kill him. Which, unfortunately, has not become uncommon in times of violence like these. So it's no wonder that social networks, and especially the annoying Facebook, are bursting with such attacks and attacks, although, as I said, it's rarely about causal reasons, but often only about the fact that many people stink when other decisions are made meet that involve them as well. This is the case with the government, with various authorities and executives, with company bosses and everywhere where hierarchies are simply inevitable. Hence also with retail chains. However, since ours are undoubtedly one of the country's assets, decisions such as making common sense now are automatically subject to baiting. That's the way it is in democracies. Therefore: Don't let yourself get down, you mean CASH 5

6 Contents of the cover story Page 58 The mood in the Austrian grocery trade is good this year. Across the board, retailers and wholesalers are reporting more than good sales growth over the year to date. And you can also feel great optimism in the forecast for the year as a whole with the upcoming Christmas business. International Andorra Andorra, the shopping Mecca in the Pyrenees, attracts thousands and thousands of shopping tourists from near and far every year. 8 TCC International Marketing Forum The customer loyalty specialist packed its 25th company anniversary in the marketing forum in Rome. 10 Retail Christoph Leitl / WKÖ Interview with the President of the WKÖ about investment incentives, bureaucracy reduction and consistent growth policy. 12 UDO 2017 The UDO sales award goes into the fourth round this year. The application and nomination platform is now open. 26 Rewe International CEO Frank Hensel spoke clearly at the Rewe Group partner evening: The group will be strengthened by the new structure. 28 Tchibo / Eduscho In the last term, Tchibo / Eduscho generates around 30 percent of its sales and impresses with coffee and non-food items. 30 October 2016 NEW! Women No focus on the advancement of women 63 Women speak plain language. 64 Focus group discussion 64 Guest commentary by Alice Nilsson 66 AK study 68 News 68 Babette s Natalie Pernstich sells fine culinary prints as well as exclusive spices from all over the world. 33 Shopping centers Every Austrian visits a shopping center once a week on average. However, it is no longer just about traditional shopping. 36 Vorwerk The company's previous direct sales are being expanded to include a multichannel approach with stores. 42 The Gramm The Gramm in Neutorgasse in Graz is a consistent example of shopping without packaging. 46 Josef Frank / Bonus An interview with the authorized signatory of the Kufsteiner Bonus Holsystem about competitors, creative tariffs and the future of the systems. 48 Location day The visitors of the 12th location day of the trade association found out how pure onliners discover the charm of stationary retail. 50 Future Day Vienna At the event organized by the Business Circle and Zukunftsinstitut, thought leaders from business and science gave a lecture on the future of CASH

7 Are we getting fatter? 56 forum. nutrition today The affluent societies are getting bigger and bigger. At the forum. Nutrition Today Dialogue, there were enlightening discussions about the why. 56 Logistics dm / quehenberger Logistics The companies have been working together for 27 years. Now the warehouse has been expanded once again. 82 Lidl Wundschuh The constant expansion in Austria made a third central warehouse necessary. It is a lighthouse project in terms of sustainability. 84 Industry Wolfgang Hötschl / Kelly Kelly expands the management in order to do justice to the new tasks within the management unit. 92 SCA Consumer Goods The tissue and forestry company wants to split up. This should make the international company even more powerful. 96 Careers Job and / or family 71 Heads 72 News 73/80 dm drogerie markt 74 About the fourth industrial revolution 76 76 BFI Vienna 78 The tea market reports 102 MoPro 108 Baking mixes & ready-made doughs 126 Savory ready meals 129 Toilet hygiene 132 Weingut Franz Anton Mayer The Wagramer winery goes its own way in marketing its products and wants to establish itself above all with the younger target group. 100 Teekanne With record sales of 112 million euros and market leadership in the tea market, Teekanne is very successful. 106 Danone The meticulously prepared brand relaunch by Activia has the motto Live InSync. 106 MoPro / BuzzValue According to the social media market researcher BuzzValue, Schärdinger, NÖM and Tirol Milch achieve the most interactions on the social web. 106 Expressfinder Commentary 5 International 8 International News 12 Guest Commentary Anne M. Schüller 15 Retail News 16 Retail 22 Reader Service Daniela Kudernatsch 55 Industry News 87 Industry 92 CASH Hit of the Month 99 Imprint 101 Trends 136 Last but not least, NEW DESIGN Now under the Bauer brand

8 b Andorra International The place Pas de la Casa directly on the border with France Shopping Mecca in the Pyrenees Driven by low to zero tax rates, a business conglomerate has formed in the imposing mountains of the Principality of Andorra, which annually attracts thousands and thousands of shopping tourists from near and Fern lures. Author: Stefan Pirker Taxes in Andorra have only been gradually introduced since 2012. [...] With a corporate tax rate of a maximum of 10%, which can be reduced by up to 2% depending on the company's activities, Andorra is one of the most tax-efficient countries in Europe. [...] The normal rate of sales tax is 4.5%, which is reduced to a rate of 1% for products and services that fall under the categories of health, culture, education, food and rents. These sentences come from the Andorra Solutions website, which it claims to be the leading tax consultancy portal in Andorra. And so the principality in the heart of the Pyrenees not only attracts big business from all over the world, but also lots of bargain hunters from neighboring France and Spain as well as tourists passing through. Cheap cigarettes and cheap refueling The biggest discounts are available in the non-EU member state, in which the euro is the official national currency, probably for tobacco products. A carton of Lucky Strike cigarettes, including a bottle of Grant's whiskey, which is stuck on in the shop as an on-pack promotion, cost a cheap 26.50 euros this summer. Andorra is also known for its low fuel prices. This July, for example, the liter of diesel was sold for 85 cents and the liter of super for one euro. This corresponds to a saving of around 30 percent compared to the French price level and at least 15 to 20 percent compared to the Spanish price level. Hard liquor and bulk packs In the grocery stores, (high-proof) alcoholic beverages and large packaging units for storage (butter in 1 kg blocks, whole legs of Serrano ham, etc.) dominate. The very spartan shops are then in the truest sense of the word crammed with goods to the ceiling. After all, you can do without a sophisticated shop design if the shopping experience is primarily aimed at large volumes at low prices. Photos: Stefan Pirker CASH

9 Extremely bizarre: on the meter-high Col d Envalira there are four petrol stations that offer cheap fuel. Cheap cigarettes are the big hit. You will e.g. offered before the entrance to the E.Leclerc hypermarket. In the small state of Andorra, large packs are very much in vogue, as the example of butter shows. If you buy a carton of cigarettes, you sometimes get a bottle of spirits for free. The capital Andorra la Vella has a wide range of perfumeries, watch and jewelry shops. This presentation of goods is aimed entirely at the store buyer: detergents in XXL format right from the CASH 9 pallet

10 b tcc International Marketing Forum International The Minions are coming This year TCC is celebrating its 25th company anniversary. The customer loyalty specialist packed this party in the marketing forum in Rome and also came up with the exclusive license for the Minions there. Author: Silvia Meißl What many in trade and industry know, the speakers at the TCC International Marketing Forum, which took place in September, confirmed once more. In the future, customer loyalty will no longer work according to the watering can principle. Anyone who does not focus on using their customers 'data for tailor-made customer loyalty programs will soon lose their customers' favor. That is because we are in an ultra-competitive market with our industry, says the new CEO of TCC, Perry Valkenburg, who took office in January 2016. It is precisely those companies that do not come from traditional retailing are the big challengers who also benefit from the fact that online shopping enables consumers to shop at any time of the day or night, he says. A media and advertising landscape that has been reshaped by digitization is reaching consumers at an unprecedented speed, which in a nutshell b The retail sector has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to addressing customers emotionally. b The customer data is not analyzed enough and not used in a focused manner. b In the future, all activities related to purchasing will be bundled in the smartphone. Photos: tcc CASH

11 ask at least two survival questions especially for retailers: How can I retain customers? How can I reward my best customers? The problem, however, is that many still do not know who their best customers are, Valkenburg calls on the around 400 forum participants, who have traveled from all continents, to deal intensively with customer data. This in order to be able to deliver the best performance as a multichannel provider. Incidentally, by taking over the digital specialist Summit, TCC has prepared itself for sophisticated marketing and To be able to offer customer loyalty programs for offline and online. And with the cooperation partner eagle eye, who, among other things, does real-time promotions, a further step has been taken in the direction of digitization. Too rational, too little emotional The CEO of eagle eye is Tim Mason. He was Tesco manager for 30 years and among other things launched the club card, invented Tesco Express and set up, Tesco Personal Finance and the Fresh & Easy concept. As a speaker at the TCC Forum, he described the homework dealers had to do, because they are still too rational. In addition to the functional marketing presence, however, they should be much more emotional in order to retain customers in the long term, and not only in the stationary and e-commerce business. The latter is only part of the digitized world in which we live. Above all, it will be the smartphone on which all activities related to shopping and customer loyalty will take place; and it will be the sum of the digital networking with customers that makes a retailer successful or not. According to Tim Mason, this includes websites with a very clear sender, i.e. the retailer's brand, as well as engagement in social networks, the best placement in Google Search, in Maps or in local networks. The changes will therefore be serious and they must be transformed. The speaker Jonathan Macdonald, who deals with talent development and personnel recruiting in the digital age, says: If we focus on change, we will only be successful, but only then. Tim Mason, CEO of eagle eye: E-commerce is only part of our digitized world. 25 years of TCC: It was happily celebrated at the International Marketing Forum. Investment in new licenses The changes in trade and industry are naturally also followed by TCC itself when it comes to the product portfolio for promotions. The latest trick is the exclusive license with Universal Studios for the Minions. The new film will open in 2017. The product range is huge and ranges from simple trading cards to figures, says Manfred Litschka, Regional Sales Director TCC Austria, CEE and for a total of 22 countries. There is no information on the investment volume. In any case, the Minions are an emotional anchor, notes Litschka. And not just for children, but also always with networking and sharing experiences: Manfred Litschka, Regional Sales Director TCC Austria & CEE. for adults CASH 11

12 b News International Newsticker Mars / Wrigley US investor Warren Buffett surrenders his minority stake of 19.4 percent in Wrigley to Mars. The confectionery company now holds 100 percent of the chewing gum manufacturer. Both the chewing gum and the bar business are bundled in the new company Mars Wrigley Confectionary, based in Chicago. North Sea The North German fish and seafood chain is once again about to go on sale. Its owners, the Swabian dairy entrepreneur Theo Müller (Müllermilch) and the former wholesale baker Heiner Kamps, have commissioned the investment bank GCA Altium to find a buyer for the 372 branches, which together have a turnover of 360 million euros. Desired proceeds reported: 300 million euros. Praktiker Three years after the DIY store operator Praktiker disappeared from the German retail landscape, the brand is returning, initially as a price comparison portal. At the end of the year, the founders want to develop their platform into an online shop. Tesco The British food retail market leader has removed all Unilever brands from its online shop, including the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream brand and the Dove care brand. The British retailer has responded to a planned ten percent increase in Unilever's sales prices. Other UK retailers are also affected. b Kaiser s Tengelmann Break-up of the company started The break-up of the German supermarket operator Kaiser s Tengelmann was initiated by Tengelmann boss Karl-Erivan Haub. On October 17th, the first lists of branches for sale in North Rhine-Westphalia were sent out. It is about 107 stores with around employees, and Haub would be happy to find buyers for 30 to 40 of them.The step was taken because the sale of Kaiser s Tengelmann in one piece to the largest German grocer Edeka is not possible in a reasonable period of time, despite the ministerial permission from Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel to legal objections from competitors such as Rewe, Markant or Norma and Kaiser s Tengelmann continues hangs deep in the red. Throughout Germany, the company still operates a little more than 400 branches, plus areas such as logistics and meat operations. When it comes to sales, Haub sees up to around places on the dump because it is by no means possible to find buyers for all stores. At the time of going to press, the Tengelmann boss was still open to an amicable solution by the negotiating parties, but the chance for this should be minimal. Especially between Rewe on the one hand and Tengelmann / Edeka on the other hand, there were massive mutual accusations. Tengelmann / Edeka gave the impression that Rewe was playing for a limited period of time, according to company circles. Haub blamed Rewe boss Alain Caparros for it. The basis of trust has been scratched. The Rewe boss countered promptly and blamed Tengelmann and Edeka for the failure. He told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that he would be open to further discussions. Due to the confused situation, however, he would be in favor of adding a mediator like Federal Minister of Economics Gabriel. Caparros also emphasized that he was not fighting for his reputation, but for the good of Rewe. If he (Haub) doesn't want to negotiate with me, he should say so: I'll send a colleague, Caparros explained. At the same time, members of the German Monopoly Commission have classified the rescue talks as highly problematic in terms of competition policy, because they lead major competitors to a joint negotiating table and there is a risk of competition being bought off. In any case, the time window for a rescue closes as soon as the first branch is sold. Haub promises preferential access rights for market leader Edeka for retail sales of the branches. If Edeka wants to take over markets from Kaiser s Tengelmann that are unproblematic under antitrust law, then Edeka has priority for me, the Tengelmann boss told the Handelsblatt. After two years of working together, that is dictated by decency alone, emphasized Haub. Photo: Kaiser s Tengelmann CASH

13 With this look you bring crackling into the new season! Kelly's Chips - made in Austria from 100% domestic potatoes! IN BRIEF WITH A NEW LOOK!

14 b News International b Kölnmesse / ISM Exhibitors expected at ISM The ISM, the world's largest trade fair for sweets and snacks, will take place in Cologne from January 29th to February 1st, 2017. Around providers from around 65 countries are expected at the 47th edition of the sweet spectacle. In addition to international players and medium-sized companies, the Kölnmesse also offers newcomers to the industry a stage who can present themselves in the Newcomer Area. Further highlights are the already established New Product Showcase, the ISM Expert Stage and the Cologne Coffee Forum. While the new products of the exhibitors will be presented in their own showcases in the New Product Showcase, which will move even larger and more airy to Hall 2.2 in 2017, the Cologne Coffee Forum will take place as a new anchor point on the topic of coffee in Hall 5.2. Young students from the Cologne International School of Design (KISD) will also be there again with the special show on original product and packaging concepts under the motto Sweet Traditions. ProSweets Cologne, the international supplier fair for the confectionery and snack industry, will once again be held parallel to ISM. b Nestlé joint venture with R&R on ice cream Nestlé and the British ice cream company R&R have set up a 50/50 joint venture called Froneri, which brings together both the ice cream activities and the European frozen food business. Froneri's headquarters are in the UK, from where they will operate in over 20 countries. Froneri employs a total of around staff. On October 1, 2016, Froneri Austria GmbH took over the agendas of the ice cream and frozen food business in Austria. These changes under company law affect the entire Nestlé ice cream and frozen food business in Europe and Hannes Wieser, Managing Director of Froneri Austria, also affect Nestlé Schöller in Austria. Hannes Wieser, who has been responsible for the ice cream business in Austria for many years, will take over the management of Froneri Austria GmbH: Froneri combines the complementary strengths of both companies, experience in out-of-home distribution from Nestlé meets the strong presence of R&R in retail and promises an exciting growth opportunity in a dynamic category! Operationally, the joint venture has no further effects for customers and service partners. All contact persons within the company remain the same and the well-known brands Schöller, Schöller Backwaren and Mövenpick will also be retained. b dm drogerie markt drugstore expands to Italy dm drogerie markt focuses on expansion and wants to establish its successful concept of a feel-good atmosphere, competence, attractive prices and humanity in bella Italia as well. We have already started looking for Italian executives for our new company dm drogerie markt italia. These will prepare and control the market entry in Italy in the course of the coming year, reports dm logistics manager Hubert Krabichler. He will lead the Italian subsidiary to the start together with Thomas Köck, Managing Director Expansion. One wants a present dm managing director Hubert Krabichler dares to re-enter the Italian market. especially in northern Italy, where the first locations are already being examined. The headquarters should be in the area between Verona and Padua. dm drogerie markt was already toying with northern Italy and was represented with a few branches until 2005. However, due to difficult legal framework conditions, the expansion was pushed forward in the Central and Southeast European markets. With increasing consumer spending, a significant rise in the consumer climate index, falling unemployment figures and a positive sales forecast for product ranges typical of drugstores, a new market entry in Italy is currently very promising, according to Krabichler. Photos: Kölnmesse, Nestlé, dm drogerie markt CASH

15 b Anne M. Schüller Customer Journey: Understanding the Customer's Purchase Journey Guest Comment Comment The marketing of the future will be based on touchpoints and the customer journey. It represents the prototypical journey of a customer through the corporate landscape. You can experience a lot not only on a trip to foreign countries, but also on a trip through the communication and service landscape of a provider. And every contact leaves its mark: in the minds and hearts of people and often enough on the web. Because just like in real life, you want to tell about your journey. But whoever interacts with companies as a customer is often annoyed by uncoordinated processes. The reasons for this are silo structures, isolated departmental goals and the associated self-interest. In addition, the companies are usually on the market at two speeds: The target group has long since received information about new offers, but the seller has not yet. The employees were not even informed about the new commercial that is already on the radio. Even algorithms only capture an incomplete picture. They only partially capture our online behavior. And they don't even record our offline behavior. The buying behavior of customers is not as transparent as it often seems. The last cookie wasn't your newsletter at all, but my best friend, who gave me the decisive impetus to buy. And the robotic lawnmower, which has been following us on the web for weeks, we bought it in the store a long time ago. Almost every customer combines virtual with real touchpoints. Long before he made direct contact, he read reviews and compared prices. In addition, the customer clicks into the online world via various devices. Very rarely does he follow the channels planned by the provider. Rather, he always sees a company as a unit. He is not interested in departmental responsibilities. This is why synchronized processes are needed that work like clockwork and accompany the customer appropriately in his entire purchasing cycle. The customer consistently collects impressions at every touchpoint, which quickly condense into an overall picture: In the long run, this provider is the right one for me or not. The customer's opinion is always subjective, often generalizing, sometimes unfair, maybe even wrong, but it is his opinion that he passes on without being asked. Precisely such experience reports then influence the purchase decisions of third parties. In this way, many interested parties are already lost before the first direct attempt at contact is made. An obsession with customer concerns is therefore a must. And the customer-specific offline-online-mobile-customer journey should be the linchpin of all company activities. Photo: Anne M. Schüller Marketing Consulting The book on the subject of Anne M. Schüller: Touch.Point.Sieg. Communication in times of digital transformation Gabal Verlag 2016, 380 pages, hardback, 29.90 euros ISBN: The book has just been named Trainer Book of the Year 2016! Ad personam Anne M. Schüller is a management thinker, keynote speaker, multiple award-winning bestselling author and business coach. The business administration graduate is Europe's leading expert in touchpoint management and customer-focused corporate management. She is one of the most sought-after speakers in German-speaking countries and was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the German Speakers Association. Her clientele includes the elite of the German, Swiss and Austrian economy. Your Touchpoint Institute trains certified Touchpoint Managers. Further information: and CASH 15

16 b News Trade Newsticker Wiener Tafel With Tafel 2.0, Wiener Tafel is breaking new ground to help the human right to food achieve its breakthrough: With the creation of its own Tafel house with a food distribution center and its own warehouse on Großgrünmarkt, Austria's oldest dining organization is doubling the help for those affected. Media Markt The now 35 market was opened in mid-October in the ELI shopping center in Liezen and inspired technology fans from the very first minute, as they can find everything a technology heart desires on m2 - from the very latest product highlights to all the top brands at the best prices . Hofer Of the eleven Zielpunkt branches taken over, after the markets in the 15th and 19th districts, those in Favoriten, Floridsdorf and Donaustadt have now been opened. All of the new Hofer branches have been equipped with a backbox, a coolbox, a marketplace for fruit and vegetables and a vinotheque. Adeg The new Adeg businessman Michael Kulcsar, after ten years of experience in wholesaling, dared to take the step of self-employment and took over the Adeg store in Unken from the two businesspeople Barbara and Ernst Maier. Also included: 18 competent employees, all of whom will be taken over, a modern shop fitting design and many services such as post, lottery / tote acceptance points, tobacco shops and ATMs. The winners of the Golden Fir Tree 2016 (from left): Othmar Pircher and Sabine Arnoldi (Hittisau, Vbg.), Karin and Michael Pammer (Stallhofen, Styria), Roswitha and Franz Ripper (Maishofen, Sbg.), Barbara Kerschberger (Pichl near Wels , Upper Austria), Gerald Forjan (St. Andrä, Ktn.); not on the picture: Eveline and Rudolf Karner (Kirchschlag, Lower Austria) b Spar Golden Tanne 2016 awarded, Christian Prauschner is Vice President of the Spar merchants This year again, the best Spar merchants in the country were awarded the Golden Fir 2016 award. Decisive for the jury were not only the perfect look of the Spar supermarket, but also the particularly good performance in the sale of sausage products. The Golden Fir was presented to the six best Spar merchants in the country this year as part of the Spar delegates' conference in Styria. Madness finally done! Golden Tanne winner for the first time since 1971, says Michael Pammer, Spar merchant in Stallhofen (Styria), on behalf of the six winners. Spar rewards the excellent performance of the Spar merchants with a trip to Madrid together. The teams of the respective Spar supermarkets receive vouchers for a weekend in a hotel in Austria. The decisive factor for the jury was not only the perfect look of the winning supermarkets, but also criteria such as the diversity of the range, Freshness Kom Vice President Christian Prauchner competence, innovative ideas in sales promotion and the friendliness and competence of the employees. The jury placed particular emphasis on the assessment of flexibility in customer requests and the performance in sausage sales. Spar operates around around locations in Austria. Half of it is run by independent traders, the other half are Spar-AG's own branches. The merchants have gone through a modernization and quality offensive in recent years. Christian Prauchner also took over from Karl Feurhuber as Vice President of the Spar merchants, who is retiring after 21 successful years in this role, at the annual Spar merchants conference. Prauchner knows the retail business from the ground up and from different perspectives: After an apprenticeship with a savings merchant, managerial positions followed at other retailers. Back at Spar, he completed his knowledge as a retail management consultant and in the training department at the St. Pölten headquarters he started his own business as a savings businessman. Today he runs two Spar supermarkets in Gresten and Ybbsitz and a Eurospar store in Pöchlarn with his wife Claudia and daughter Natascha. As Vice President, Prauchner is the top representative of the Spar merchants within the Spar organization. President of the association is Dr. Gerhard Drexel, CEO of Spar. A special part of the Spar merchants' conference in Graz was the farewell and appreciation of Karl Feurhuber: the Spar merchants honored their long-term vice president with thunderous applause. The Spar board recognized Feurhuber for his decades of commitment to merchants with the Golden Spar ring of honor, which was always characterized by a high degree of objectivity and a great deal of sensitivity. Photos: Spar / Werner Krug CASH

17 b Kastner pick-up market Zwettl in a new look With the repositioning of the Kastner pick-up markets, Kastner has set itself the goal of increasing the customer's shopping experience. The new market presence should fit seamlessly into the company's concept. This provides for more open spaces for easy orientation, a clear shelf design with a focus on the product as well as a completely new color and energy-efficient lighting concept. As an Austrian multi-specialist wholesaler with a selection of around items, Kastner is, in addition to supplying the Nah & Frisch shops, also a leading food wholesaler for the catering and hotel industries. The Kastner pick-up markets in Krems and Jennersdorf were renovated in spring 2015 and spring 2016, respectively. After a quick renovation phase, the from left to right: Andreas Blauensteiner, Paul Pichler, Alfred Hackl, Christof Kastner, Stefan Kastner, Herwig Gruber at the opening of the Zwettl pick-up store Kastner Zwettl pick-up store on around square meters in the new design. The Kastner pick-up market in Eisenstadt will start the renovation phase in autumn 2016; completion is planned for summer 2017. Photos: Kastner, Merkur Warenhandels AG, Lidl Austria b Rewe International The farmer's market for children Merkur has developed an assortment as part of the Merkur farmer's market and in cooperation with around 25 small Austrian businesses that contains regional products that are especially tailored to the tastes of children . The Merkur Bauernmarkt brand, which offers customers selected products from Austrian regions, has been around for some time on the subject of regionality. The range currently includes products from more than 500 regional producers, who deliver them directly to the surrounding Merkur markets: homemade jams, natural-pressed juices, pumpkin seed chocolate, popcorn, organic noodles, apple rings, corn sticks, crispy balls and much more. In product development, it was particularly important to match the ingredients to children's tastes. Ketchup is often too salty, jams and juices are often too sweet, explains Merkur CEO Kerstin Neumayer, and smaller packaging sizes are practical snack packages. And in order to familiarize the children, the Merkur market researchers, with regionality and sustainability as early as possible, to activate them as explorers, so to speak, Merkur invites you to a market researcher painting competition in which the children charge themselves from October 13 to November 9, 2016 draw a farm. b Lidl Austria Lidl's first sustainability report Many companies publish sustainability reports, and now Lidl Austria has also published its first sustainability report, online and paperless. In the areas of product range, employees, the environment, society and business partners, the report primarily shows the sustainability aspects that are essential for the core business. These are energy efficiency, product range design, branch construction or employees, but also information on the social cover of the sustainability report of Lidl Austria Engagement or international initiatives.Requests to speak from cooperation partners and employees complete the overview of the measures and goals of Lidl Austria with regard to sustainability. Our aim is always to get even better. This also applies to our efforts to operate sustainably. Of course, this also includes a sustainability report as a strategic basis for our efforts. We are showing our sustainable commitment and are publicly committed to becoming even more sustainable, said Christian Schug, CEO of Lidl Austria. The report is available to all interested parties on a specially set up homepage On the Way to Tomorrow (also available as a PDF for downloading CASH 17

18 b News trade b Joseph Brot bread factory surrounded by forest and fields We are ready for very cautious growth, said Josef Weghaupt, founder and managing director of Joseph Brot, on the occasion of the opening of the new bakery in Burgschleinitz in the Lower Austrian Waldviertel at the end of September. The construction became necessary because, due to the expansion in recent years, the existing bakery in Vitis, also in the Waldviertel, became much too small. The new bread factory, which was built in just six months, covers 400 square meters and is the workplace for 35 bakers. Baking takes place on six (summer) or seven (winter) days per week in two-shift operation. Around pieces of bread and pastries are formed by hand every day. Only dough kneaders and stone ovens are used on the machines. Josef Weghaupt founded Joseph Brot in 2009 with the aim of baking bread that should really taste good again and last for a long time. This principle has not changed to this day. After focusing purely on the production of high-quality bread and pastries in the beginning, the first own shop opened in 2011 in the Die neue Brotmanufaktur by Joseph Brot in Burgschleinitz / Waldviertel Naglergasse 9 in the center of Vienna, followed by the location in Vienna -Landstraße (Landstraßer Hauptstraße 4), in 2015 the one in Vienna-Döbling (Obkirchergasse 37 39). Joseph Brot also supplies the Wiener denn s organic markets, the Radatz branches, delicatessen stores in eastern Austria and well-known hotels (e.g. Sacher, Bristol, Imperial, Kempinski in Vienna). According to Josef Weghaupt, the new bread factory in Burgschleinitz has the capacity to run two to three additional shops in Vienna in the medium term. Growing too fast would be a mistake, because then we would not be able to maintain the quality of the products and service, says the company founder, whose company achieved a turnover of eight million euros in 2015. b Parndorf Fashion Outlet New design, new management The Parndorf Fashion Outlet is redefining itself: There will be additional entrances, as well as a connecting building and an external appearance in the manner of Viennese Art Nouveau. The aim is to create a uniform project for the customer. Three additional entrances from the new parking lot are planned, whereby one entrance can already be used. Two more will open soon. In the second quarter of 2017, the connecting building with another entrance area, which will be oriented towards the main roundabout to the north, will be completed, the project will be completed with an additional building and will have a total of m² of retail space. Previously managed by ROS Retail Outlet Shopping, the Parndorf Fashion Outlet, like the Freeport Fashion Outlet near Kleinhaugsdorf on the Austrian-Czech border, is now managed by its own team. As is well known, Freeport was acquired in the previous year, and it can boast quite large increases in sales: plus 16 percent in the previous year and an increase of almost 20 percent in the current financial year. One wants to continue on an expansion course, emphasizes owner representative and managing director Thomas Seikmann his plans for owner representatives and managing directors the future of the Parndorf Fashion Thomas Seikmann Outlet. b Kika Now with work clothes The furniture store operator Kika is introducing new, individually adaptable work clothes for its employees. In the past few months, the new Kika work clothes have been made for approx. The Kika employees can choose their new work clothes themselves: The housing consultants can choose between a comfortable polo shirt in Kika red or an elegant white blouse. A scarf in three different designs serves as an accessory. For men there are white shirts with subtle Kika branding on the collar and three different tie designs to choose from. The Kika Möbelhandelsgesellschaft m.b.h. is an Austrian furniture retail company based in St. Pölten and operates 32 furniture stores in Austria. The new work clothes seem to be pleasing. Photos: Joseph Brot / Cathrine Stukhard, Invester / Ernst Kainerstorfer, Kika CASH

19 Photo: Pepo Schuster / b Vienna Airport / Österreichische Post Post Partner in Airport City With the opening of Austria's first Post Partner location with a self-service foyer, Flughafen Wien AG is continuing its continuous expansion of the Airport City infrastructure thus also the wishes of the companies based at the location for a postal service at the airport. What takes a long time will finally be good, says DI Dr. Georg Pölzl, CEO of Österreichische Post AG, on the occasion of the opening of the new post office at Vienna Airport. It was also long time that the airport, which has 230 companies with around employees and which is frequented by around 23 million passengers annually, had an adequate postal service. Which is not somewhere in the depths of the terminal, but is now clearly visible as a street bar. For the first time, the new business model developed by Österreichische Post AG is being implemented together with Flughafen Wien AG. In other words, it is the first Post Partner location with a self-service foyer and is therefore available to customers around the clock for their incoming and outgoing postal transactions, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Outside business hours, access is via a Maestrocard reader. The Post Partner location operated by Flughafen Wien AG with from left to right: The Management Board directors Günther Ofner and Julian Jäger (Flughafen Wien AG) with Management Board member Walter Hitziger and General Director Georg Pölzl (Österreichische Post AG) with postal code 1300 on working days, Mondays to Fridays open from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The use of the synergies of both large companies enabled the implementation of the jointly developed business model for the business area. An innovative round-the-clock postal service is another important milestone for the growing Airport City and makes the location even more attractive, says Dr. Günther Ofner, CEO of Flughafen Wien AG, is pleased. Mein Wohlfühlbrot Mestemacher GmbH Gütersloh Telephone + 49 (0) 5241 / Quality instead of quantity is our principle. Prof. Dr. Ulrike Detmers member of the management and partner of the Mestemacher group

20 b News Retail Dates How does purchasing work? is the title of Mag. Johannes Holzleitner, division manager for supplier policy & assortment strategy at Spar, his lecture on the occasion of How does the purchasing alumni meeting 2016 tick on Thursday, November 10, 2016, from 6.30 p.m. in the Meinl am Graben wine bar. Information and registration: ICOP 2016 For the 11th time, the international conference for producer organizations for fruit and vegetables will take place. The venue this time from November 23 to 25, 2016 is the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. The conference program includes international speakers, panel discussions, numerous practical examples from producer organizations and visits to producer organizations. ICOP 2016 is being organized by gfa consulting from 8160 Weiz. Contact person: Isabella Braunstein, phone: + 43 / (0) 3172 / Internet: Smart Cities & Smart Retail As part of the Smart Cities & Smart Retail event, which RegioPlan Consulting is organizing for the first time on November 30th and December 1st, 2016, it's about the challenges for cities as living, traffic and working space. Further information & registration: Alise Vitola (Event Manager), Tel .: + 43 / (0) 1 / Internet: b Franchise fair 2016 Important job engine When the 2016 franchise fair for two days in Hall E of the Wiener Stadthalle on November 4th of this year opens its gates, thousands of visitors will send a clear signal, just like at the previous franchise fairs. Namely, to the extent that the idea of ​​the new self-employment is not really new, but it has triggered a very clear boom, especially among young people. The latest WKO statistics show a clear plus of 5.8 percent for newly founded companies in the first half of the year. Carina Felzmann, Managing Director of the event agency Cox Orange, confirms: Cox Orange boss Carina Felzmann The paths to self-employment are varied, as the current founder figures confirm impressively . Franchising is clearly on the rise in attractiveness, which is also demonstrated by the fact that the fair has been booked out for weeks and there is definitely a great deal of interest in it. It is interesting that not only young people (22.5%) are interested in the franchising concept, but also older people (17.3%), those who are already retired, but feel much too agile to do nothing to indulge. Nevertheless, the majority (27%) of company founders are between 30 and 40 years old, i.e. at the very best of creative age. There are currently around 450 franchise systems in Austria, and no fewer than 1,000 people are employed in one of the more than 1,000,000 franchise businesses at one of the locations. More information: b Sport 2000 dealer and supplier of the year honored For the fourth time, Sport 2000 Austria honored the dealer of the year and the supplier of the year at the general assembly at the beginning of October 2016. The first place this year went to Sport 2000 Wallner with branches in Eibiswald and Deutschlandsberg in Styria. Second came Sport 2000 Unterlercher from Tyrol and third place on the podium went to Machsport with the new branch in Plus City in Upper Austria. The traditional Swabian company Erima was awarded the prize. For more than a century on the market, Erima has stood for the best team sports clothing and scores as the authentic sports brand with clubs, clubs and individual athletes. Erima products stand for design, innovation, high functionality, quality and optimal availability. Erima Austria, based in Rohrbach (Upper Austria), has also been the official outfitter of the Olympic Team Austria since 2010 and thus equipped the entire team for Rio 2016. Photos: Cox Orange, Sport v 2016 CASH

21 b dm drogerie markt Success story continues In the 40th year of its existence, dm drogerie markt in Austria generated 852 million euros. This corresponds to a sales growth of 6.35 percent with a practically constant number of branches (plus 2 locations to 390 branches, +0.5%). In addition, 288 new jobs were created in the past 12 months. As of September 30, 2016, the drugstore was employing people. Our customers have made us the market leader in Austrian drugstore retail, Mag. Martin Engelmann, chairman of the dm management, is proud of the gratifying performance. In the sub-group Austria / CEE (100% subsidiaries in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia), branches (plus 44 locations or + 3%) were recently opened Fiscal year turnover of 2.212 billion euros (+ 8.1%). Together with Germany, the entire group achieved a sales increase of 7% to 9.7087 billion euros. In total, around 35 million euros were invested in the further development and modernization of the Austrian branch network in the past financial year (October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016). All Austrian branches are already partially equipped in the new shop image, around 50 percent fully equipped. 50 branches have been completely renewed and six branches have been and will be opened at former Zielpunkt locations. In addition to these investments, another 2.7 million euros flowed into the Salzburg headquarters, the distribution center in Enns and the IT infrastructure. In the 2016/2017 financial year, investments in Austria will be increased again to 40.7 million euros, 37 million of which will benefit the branch network. In the Austria / CEE subgroup, the investment budget for 2016/2017 has reached an unprecedented record level of 108.6 million euros (+14%). There are currently people working at dm across Europe (+ 2.35%). The company has branches in twelve countries and is currently preparing to enter the Italian market. With around 58 million inhabitants, this market is the largest national market in the dm distribution area after Germany Martin Engelmann, chairman of the dm management board. As far as the distribution of its products is concerned, dm drogerie markt relies on the link between online and offline. According to a study by ECC Cologne in collaboration with Handelsverband, Post and Google Austria, the dm online shop was voted the best online shop in its category and the second best of all Austrian online shops behind Esprit. recorded more than 8.2 million visits in the 2015/2016 financial year. Photo: dm drogerie markt, Spar b Spar Spar partner company receives award at IAA The transporter developed by Spar and Kiesling refrigerated vehicles won the innovation prize at the international automobile exhibition. The special transporter developed jointly with Kiesling Kühlfahrzeuge for the delivery of online orders was recently awarded 1st place in the Trailer Innovation 2017 at the IAA for its highly efficient loading and unloading concept. Once again, Spar is demonstrating its innovation leadership in the Austrian food trade. The innovation with the new transporter is that the loading and unloading time is only half as long as that of conventional vehicles, which means that the work processes are very efficient, according to the company. This is made possible by sophisticated software support, which ensures that the delivery boxes can be removed in exactly the right order. Another special feature are variable partition walls for separate temperature zones, according to the dealer. The fresh logistics transporter won the CASH 21 innovation award

22 INTERVIEW b Christoph Leitl / WKÖ Handel CASH

23 In stationary retail there will always be investment incentives, a reduction in bureaucracy, a change in awareness of the importance of exports and consequently a consistent growth policy. These are the urgent economic policy concerns of the President of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Christoph Leitl. Interview: Milan Frühbauer Photos: WKÖ CASH: Three quarters of this year are over. What economic growth do you expect for 2016? Christoph Leitl: Once again it will be less than expected. I will probably win my bet again against the economic researchers who forecast 1.8 percent at the beginning of the year. It's about a carton of good Austrian red wine. Seriously: It's been like this since 2009. The experts say that economic growth is now coming back and that politicians believe they don't have to do anything. Because everything will get better by itself. The actual results then fall short of the forecasts. Investment has now decreased to 5 percent of GDP, whereas it used to be 10 percent. This is an alarm signal that must finally be taken seriously, also in terms of economic policy. Exports have also lost momentum in the past few months. Caution: We will again achieve an all-time high in exports in 2016, but growth may only be 2 percent. WIFO and IHS predicted a 4 to 5 percent increase in exports. This is partly due to the weaker demand in some regions of the world. Political instability and the economic weaknesses in some emerging countries did the rest. We are still doing well on the world markets, but we need new momentum. The sustained economic upswing does not come automatically, so it is high time to provide impetus, especially for investment activity. According to reports, there is already a lot in the ark or on the negotiating table of the relevant working groups that the coalition formed in the summer. How is it currently? First of all: I agree with Vice Chancellor Mitterlehner on this question. Now it has to be decided and implemented quickly. The government and parliament have to deliver results by the end of the year. For a prompt recovery in investment activity, we need, for example, early write-offs, a noticeable increase in the limit values ​​for minor assets, an SME financing company and more incentives for start-ups. The early depreciation does not cost the finance minister anything, that would just be a period shift in the tax burden. To do this, we need a comprehensive reform of the bureaucracy: For example, an end to the nonsense with multiple punishments for any offenses under commercial law. This creates immense resentment among the company decision-makers. I am the first to intervene if there are serious violations anywhere, but I vehemently oppose the bureaucratic harassment on the part of certain authorities. We are still doing well on the world markets, but we need new momentum.In the past few weeks, the discussions about the TTIP and CETA agreements in Austria have escalated. This country is one of those in the EU where the rejection rate is particularly high. Why is this skepticism about international trade agreements so great in Austria in particular? Is this a result of the considerable media pressure on public opinion? In the past we have obviously not succeeded in anchoring the importance of exports for the labor market and prosperity in Austria in the broad public consciousness. There is still a lot of work ahead of us, because without this anchoring in the world markets there would be no welfare state. At the moment, when discussing these international trade agreements, emotion prevails. As is well known, this is usually followed by disillusionment, as is the case with many Britons, for example, who are now realizing the economic consequences of the Brexit referendum. But there are large retail organizations against TTIP and CETA as well as important state governors. The big trade organizations act in their own interests. It's legitimate, but you just have to know. It also does not change the fact that, for example, EU exports in CASH 23