Can lighten potato acne scars

The wildest trends keep popping up at TikTok. From "Toothpaste makes the nails wake up faster" to "Lemon helps against pimples" (please don't imitate) we always find a large collection of the craziest ideas.

The latest beauty trend shows how users stick potato slices on pimples to get rid of inflamed acne. But does that even bring anything? Potatoes are high in vitamins and nutrients, some of which can be beneficial for your skin. So the main question is, is there any reason to try this DIY trend when there are plenty of dermatologist-approved and clinically-proven acne treatments out there? That's what experts say.

How potatoes can do something good for the skin

Boston-based dermatopathologist Gretchen Frieling told that there are many different ways the potatoes can benefit the skin. First of all, the fact that the starch it contains can reduce inflammation and absorb oil. Second, potatoes are high in vitamin C, which minimizes the risk of the pimple leaving a dark stain after it heals. Sounds like a real miracle cure, doesn't it? There's a third benefit: potatoes contain an enzyme called catecholase, which Gretchen Frieling says is supposed to lighten the skin and remove dark spots.

Are there any other advantages?

Cytokines are molecules released by cells in the immune system that "regulate inflammation, immunity and hemopoiesis (the production of blood cells and platelets)," Freiling explains. Some cytokines fight and reduce inflammation while others increase inflammation.

Acne is an inflammatory condition that could be influenced by cytokines, says Frieling. A 2013 study in mice found that potato peel extracts had potential anti-inflammatory effects.

So the potato is rightly in the beauty spotlight at the moment. But Frieling emphasizes that we shouldn't put all our creams and serums aside now. As delicious and as full of potential as the potato is, there isn't enough research yet when it comes to skin care.


There are no health concerns with the trend. There is even a good chance that potatoes on the skin can reduce inflammatory acne. It has not yet been proven to you. Decide for yourself whether you can expect another ingredient on your sensitive skin.

Acne positivity at TikTok with the "skin thing 2021"

At the moment TikTok is not just looking for a remedy for acne - another trend is the "Skin thing 2021" challenge, launched by Formel Skin. The dermatological skin care brand calls on TikTok to show skin - without any filters.

The aim of the campaign is to normalize skin problems and promote the acceptance of such supposed blemishes. After all, every one of us has pimples, redness & Co. - why hide them behind make-up and filters?

The stored soundtrack shows how the challenge works:

1. Show skin with filters and beauty mode
2. Switch off the filter
3. Switch off Beauty Mode
4. Zoom in on the problem area

The message: "This is my skin and it is completely normal!"

Join in and break the taboo subject of blemished skin and acne!

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