15 inches of biceps are good

How can I increase the width of the biceps?


I have been a personal trainer in Europe for several years.

Part of that is genes and part of it is your exercise routine.

Some people have muscle fibers that twitch faster, while others have muscle fibers that twitch slowly. These can also vary between the upper and lower body. That said, you can increase the width of your biceps, but it takes a lot more effort than someone who may have better "genes".

One trick I do with a lot of my clients is that when a certain part of the body needs more work than another, I let it work that muscle three times a week.

And I'm doing a split program for that muscle. What I would call Program A and Program B.

For biceps, for example, program AI would focus on the peak and program B on the width.

You have to find the logic in what you are doing. The biceps (BI = 2) has two muscle heads. This means that at different angles, you can focus more on one side than the other.

If you're lacking breadth, you'll have to play with holding-breadth (sorry if my English isn't perfect). Most of the time when people say they have a lack of width in their biceps, it's the inner bicep area that isn't really split up. I would then offer you many wide-grip and normal-grip exercises. The wide grip focuses more on the inner biceps and the normal grip on both. Another big mistake many people make is that they don't train the brachialis, which you can activate with a hammer lock, for example.


Change your routine every 6 to 10 weeks and work on progressive overload. You can't curl the same weight and expect the muscle to grow. Go to www.musclehack.com. you can thank me later i know this is old but i guess your arms haven't improved much?

Sean Duggan

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