You can burn a CD from Spotify

How to Burn Spotify Music to CD

After you get converted Spotify files that you want to burn to our CD, if you burned CD that part would be just a piece of cake. Now you can start burning Spotify files to CD with iTunes:

Step 1Start iTunes and create a new playlist to save the converted Spotify music files.

click on File> New> Playlist to create a new playlist and enter a name for the playlist, then drag & drop the files into the newly created playlist.

Step 2 Insert a CD and set Burn Settings.

Insert a blank CD and wait for the disc to be recognized. Right click on the playlist and select Burn playlist to disc " to enter the burn settings. Then adjust according to your needs.

Step 3 Start recording.

Click the Burn button to start recording all Spotify files to CD.

Now you can freely enjoy your favorite Spotify music while you drive.