Charge shorter phone charger cables faster

Charge your mobile phone faster: With these tricks it works

When you get home, you'll have to leave again soon. So quickly charge the cell phone for a while. How you can accelerate the charging of the battery in order to always be available in the future, UPDATED shows you with these tips and tricks.

The best power source for fast smartphone charging

If you charge your cell phone battery on the laptop, the process takes much longer than from the socket.

First of all, where you charge your cell phone is important. Many people sit most of the time at the computer, so it makes sense to charge the smartphone directly via the USB port on the PC. But that can take time: Because At least three times as many amperes are transmitted via the socket. In this respect, charging is also much faster. Another option is to use a power bank (see gray box).

The right power supply for quick charging of the cell phone battery

Even if the different power supplies look the same, the performance can vary greatly.

Charge the cell phone battery using a power bank

A power bank is an external additional battery for mobile devices such as tablet computers and smartphones. If the battery runs out and there is no power outlet in sight, The handy power bank replenishes the cell phone's power storage. These are available in different versions with quite different loading capacities. Some are barely larger than a cigar, fit easily into a jacket pocket and are now often given away as promotional items. The performance of these devices is rather low, but the capacities are usually sufficient for charging a smartphone. To make sure To ensure that it supplies enough juice, a power bank with a capacity of 4000 milliamper hours (mAh) or more is recommended. Such a charging process takes two to three hours. To recharge a tablet, however, you need larger and more powerful power banks with at least 12,000 mAh. Most additional batteries are priced between 10 and 30 euros.

The included power adapter doesn't have to be the best. You can also use power supplies from other manufacturers without any problems. Also from Apple, although the smartphones are equipped with their own Lightning interface. On the power supply side, the Apple charging cables also have a standard USB plug, so that you can simply pull the power supply unit off the cable and plug in another one. The differences in the loading time are sometimes serious: Here's how you can use your Charge your mobile phone more than twice as quickly with the right charging cable. Samsung power supplies in particular often surprise third-party manufacturers with their charging time: sometimes positive, sometimes negative. However, there is no general recommendation for a specific power supply unit. The fear that another manufacturer's charger will destroy your cell phone or battery is unfounded. Because the charging electronics used in smartphones and other mobile devices control how much current flows at which point in the charging process in order to protect the device from overcharging or overheating.

You should also refer to the Length and quality of the charging cable pay attention. No-name cables are often made of low-quality copper and therefore transmit less electricity. A shorter cable of less than half a meter can lead to a shorter charging time if the electrical resistance is lower as a result. But that always depends on the cable in question and also on the cell phone. If the end device cannot absorb this additional power at all, the shorter cable is also of no advantage. Here it means: just try it out!

Fast chargers - Quick-Charge for the mobile phone

Quick-Charge chargers are available so that you can use your mobile phone again as quickly as possible. Behind it is a technology from Qualcomm. Smartphones are usually charged with a constant current and voltage. With Quick Charge technology, the power supply unit and chip communicate with each other and adjust the current and voltage to the respective charge status.

With version 3.0 up to four times faster loading timescompared to charging without Quick Charge. According to the manufacturer, the charging time to get from an empty battery to 80 percent is reduced to 35 minutes. Depending on the device and the state of the battery, a smartphone usually needs two hours or more for this performance. The 2017 version 4.0 increases performance by a few percent.

To use this technology, the smartphone must have a special Qualcomm Snapdragon chip installed. The manufacturer has noted around 60 devices on its homepage, to which this applies to at least one of the versions. A certified charger is also required.

In addition to Qualcomm, competitor MediaTek also offers such a feature. It goes by the name “PumpExpress”. According to the manufacturer, the function should be in the latest version 3.0 Charge your smartphone from 0 to 70 percent within 20 minutes.

These phone settings will charge your battery faster

When you put your phone in airplane mode, it charges faster.

When the phone is charging, turn off all functions that eat up energy. For example, the Location transmission via GPS not required during this time. Reduced brightness also saves electricity and protects the battery.

Apps that continue to run in the background also ensure longer loading times. In addition, they update themselves - depending on the setting - when an update is available and the mobile phone can access WLAN. So it happens that you were on the go all day and could only use your mobile data. When you arrive at home in the evening, your mobile phone switches to WiFi and automatically updates several apps at the same time. If you charge your phone at the same time, the process will take significantly longer. So disable automatic app updates in the settings of your smartphone and carry out the updates when you have time - for example overnight. With Android devices, this also works via the settings in the Google Play Store menu.

You can also read the guide: "Better runtime: With these 10 tips, your iPhone battery will last longer ”.

It adds an amazing amount to battery life, if you can switch off automatic synchronization. This is a data backup so that important contacts and files are not lost. If you can do without being available, the is suitable Airplane mode, in which all radio units of the device and thus the wireless communication functions are deactivated. You can usually find all of these functions in your mobile phone under the Settings menu item. Even more consistent: simply switch off your mobile phone while it is charging - this saves the most electricity.

How to save your cell phone battery

The battery of a smartphone gets weaker and weaker after a long period of use.

Even the most modern After a while, smartphones hardly last longer than a day if they are used intensivelybefore you have to go back to the charger. It is therefore advisable to handle the battery as gently as possible. This then also has a positive effect on the charging time. You should consider the following tips for lithium-ion batteries, which are today's standard:

  1. The battery feels most comfortable when it is not constantly being fully discharged and charged. Try keep the charge level between 30 and 70 percent.
  2. However, do not recharge your battery too early. The charge bar should be below 50 percent before you apply power to the phone again.
  3. It is even more important not to refill the power storage too late.If the cell phone performs an emergency shutdown when the battery is zero, the battery could lose capacity.
  4. Charge your battery at room temperature on. Temperatures that are too high or too low affect the charging cycle of your mobile phone and cause the battery to age faster.

Simple means bring a lot of smartphone battery life

You can reduce the charging time of your smartphone with very simple means. Above all, a high-quality power supply, which can also come from a manufacturer other than your mobile phone, can speed up the process. If you also use the above measures to protect the battery, you can still use your smartphone properly even after many, many charging cycles.

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