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Blu-ray Review: "Transformers 3"

Bigger, faster, further - The Transformers are going into the third round - for the first time in 3D: With a technology that was previously believed to be lost, the evil Decepticons want to gain control of the earth. It's good that the well-meaning Autobots around their leader Optimus Prime are at their side to avert the impending danger. "Transformers 3" ignites a brutal special effects fireworks display and is the most action-packed film of the entire trilogy. "Paramount Home Entertainment" will launch the blockbuster in November. The strip appears in different formats: Blu-ray and DVD have been available since November 3rd. on the shelves, followed in December by the three-dimensional version as a 3D Blu-ray.

[Ruhr-Guide]Since Michael Bay ("The Rock") 2007 filmed the "Transformers" franchise based on a popular toy series, the classic battle between good and evil is raging successfully on the big screens. The sequel followed in 2009, and finally the third part in the summer of this year. At the center of the stripes are the Transformers, an alien robot race divided into two parties. The "bad" Decepticons fight the "good" Autobots. Both can turn into all kinds of technical toys, but above all into cars or airplanes. After the Transformers home planet Cybertron was destroyed in the bitter war, the adversaries came to earth. Since then, the blue planet has been the scene of fierce battles, in which humans and Autobots fight side by side to thwart the Decepticons' invasion plans. While the Autobots seek peaceful coexistence with humans, the Decepticons seek sole rule and enslavement of humanity.

Bleak prospects for the people

When the Americans flew to the moon in 1969, the focus was not only on scientific research. Rather, a crashed alien spaceship should be examined. More than forty years later, the Autobots around leader Optimus Prime discover their former, until now lost leader Sentinel Prime in the ruins of the ship. The fact that the Decepticons are forging a sinister plan to revive their home planet Cybertron and thereby perish both earth and humanity tarnishes the reunification of the old companions. Together they face their bitter enemies, but they pull an ace up their sleeve that nobody expected ...

Familiar faces plus a debut

In addition to the real stars of the trilogy, the spectacular Transformers,Hollywood youngster Shia LaBeouf ("Indiana Jones 4") once again plays the title character Sam Witwicky, who discovered the Autobots in the first film. After the more or less voluntary departure of Megan Fox, model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley makes her cinema debut as Sam's friend Carly. Old friends like Josh Duhamel, John Turturro, Tyrese Gibson and Kevin Dunn are back, guest appearances by John Malkovich, Frances McDormand and Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey bring a breath of fresh air.

Visually good, content ugly

Unfortunately, too little is offered at the story level, the characters hardly have any greater significance. The focus is unmistakably on the visual display values, which are undoubtedly excellent. With a running time of 154 minutes, however, a bit more content can be expected than the team around director Michael Bay and author Ehren Kruger ("Scream 3") offers. Even if entertainment always comes first in the field of popcorn cinema, the plot level is by no means unimportant. Not only the template-like characters, but also confusing narrative structures sometimes make access difficult. The entanglement of the moon landing and the Chernobyl catastrophe aimed at at the beginning of the film is a good idea, unfortunately this creativity sinks in the further course of the action. The optical criteria, on the other hand, leave a completely different impression: The special effects are first class. Both the design of the Transformers and the numerous action sequences are convincing across the board, which at least catches up the omissions in terms of content.

Technically excellent Blu-ray

The Blu-ray version of the film comes as a so-called "triple play" package in the trade, in which in addition to the Blu-ray also DVD and digital copies are included. This is an exciting story, because anyone who owns mobile devices such as cell phones or iPods and also uses them for DVD can benefit from the variety of formats offered. We also like the price, which seems reasonable for three formats. The digital copy can be used by Apple users as well as Windows Media customers via iTunes. "Transformers 3" is especially popular on Blu-ray: The razor-sharp images (1080p) are pure eye candy, especially for fans of bombastic special effects. The robots look great, the transformations have been improved again compared to their predecessors. The large number of different robot types is also noticeable, and this time spectacular spaceships can also be seen. Visual highlights are therefore the wild battles: In the showdown during the last third of the film, the US metropolis of Chicago is almost completely reduced to rubble. When Sam and a group of soldiers trapped in a skyscraper are followed by a Decepticon worm that eats through the entire building, all that can be spoken of is optical opulence. It's amazing how far the CGI forges are now. Here, of course, the high-resolution Blu-ray shows its strengths in terms of image quality: every particle and every broken glass can be seen, the detailed transformers simply inspire.

The blue disc is also impressive in terms of sound: the German sound in Dolby Digital 5.1 format gets every surround sound system going. Those who prefer the English original version will not only hear the better soundtrack (Dolby TrueHD 7.1), but also well-known narrators: While Megatron is spoken by Hugo Weaving ("The Lord of the Rings", "Matrix"), Star Trek veteran Mr. Spock Leonard Nimoy Sentinel Prime his voice. Regardless of which language version is chosen, the film is above all something for the eye. In addition to the famous action sequences, the special effects are the visual highlight. The downside are the lack of extras. Film fans look into the proverbial tube and only have to be content with the main film. All in all, it can be said that story and acting have to be left behind. We already know this from the first two parts, but even without disregarding the rules of mainstream cinema, more would have been possible here. Technically, "Transformers 3" is absolutely at the height of its time and impresses - which the Blu-ray does very well.

Photo credit: Paramount Home Entertainment