Is it important to watch Game of Thrones

Sometimes it is really not easy to be a fan of films or series, because: The selection of platforms that can be used but offer exclusive content is growing all the time. While Netflix has high-quality series on offer, Amazon Prime Video focuses more on films - these, in turn, are not always free. However, comparatively few users use the pay-TV channel Sky, even if it now also offers a streaming portal with “Sky Go”.


Editor's recommendation

Apart from the sports program, what Sky has probably attracted the most viewers in the past few years is likely to have been the exclusive broadcast of the top series “Game of Thrones”: On free TV, the episodes were only shown long after their first broadcast, if at all. Some who do not want to spend any money on pay TV resort to illegal solutions: Online streaming portals such as are at times the best friends of many series junkies.

The solution: Amazon or iTunes

There is now good news for all “Game of Thrones” fans: Both Amazon Video and Apple's own iTunes store offer the individual episodes of the seventh season for download after they have been broadcast.

Not free, but allowed

Editor's recommendation

Not for free, of course - but a good alternative for anyone who does not want to take out a Sky subscription directly: At Amazon, you pay 2.99 euros per episode and can see it either in German or in the original English version; the whole season costs 19.99 euros. iTunes also charges around three euros for an episode, but you have to decide before downloading whether you want to enjoy the pleasure in German or in English.