There are fitness startups in Pune

Long live sport - also and especially in the Corona period

Doing sports together during the Corona period is a little difficult? Integrating health and exercise into the working day is a challenge?

Not at Vector! Because with a wide range, we also provide action or relaxation in the home office - just as you wish. Usually the employees come to the vMove health center. The trainers are currently visiting the employees at home, but only digitally.

For example, there is one One-on-one advice in which questions about ergonomics are answered in the home office or to find fitness exercises for at home. We are also happy to exercise for 30 minutes with a colleague using video conference technology or provide individual exercises via an app. In the Acute consultation our sports therapists advise on musculoskeletal complaints. You can also find out tips on how to help yourself with special exercises or with which specialist you are in the right hands.

So that no one in the home office Pause in movement Forgets, we offer a small group of 15-minute exercise units right at the desk every day. The short mobilization consists of simple exercises for the shoulder and neck area and involves the whole body.

Or how about yoga? Beginners and advanced learners recharge their batteries before work and start the day relaxed. Yoga brings tension and relaxation into balance and helps to a new body awareness and more serenity.

If you don't want to answer the question “how long have you been in the home office?” With “3 kilograms”, burn calories best by doing HIT workout. This improves the overall efficiency and performance of the body. Strength endurance, stability, coordination and flexibility are trained and the movement sequences are harmonized with the help of full-body exercises. Mobility exercises bring you balance and relaxation.

Zumba also provides movement and feels like a dance-fitness party. When the Latin American and worldwide rhythms grab you, you will understand why Zumba @ Fitness is often not perceived as a workout at all.

Especially with a monotonous posture, e.g. daily desk work for several hours, counteracting compensation for joints, fascia and muscles is important in order to stay flexible. That takes care of that Mobility training with stretching exercises, stabilizing strengthening exercises and active mobilization exercises. The aim is to maintain and improve full body mobility.

At the Back fit The focus is on balancing exercises for the entire back. All parts of the spine are mobilized, strengthened and stretched.

As you can see, it is quite difficult to find excuses when this online offer is just a click away ;-)
Incidentally, the diverse virtual offers for health and fitness are used intensively.