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NCFM - BLUTO replica - EPP Speeed board

Hello everybody,

A few days ago a forum member asked me if I could cut him a really fast EPP flying wing. Since I wanted to build something like this myself, we were able to agree on a replica of the Bluto from NCFM from the USA. This is something new and a welcome alternative to the "standard boards".

This is supposed to be the construction report of my model.
Maybe you followed my replica of the NCFM halfpipe last year:
I will build the Bluto at least as carefully.

Here is the link to the original model:

My geometry is as follows:

Total span 1524mm (60 ")
Span of the first segment: 420mm

T1: 330mm
T2: 200mm
T3: 150mm

Inner trapezoid: straight trailing edge
External trapezoid: leading edge straight

Top of the outer trapezoids straight
Nose and trailing edge of the inner trapezoids straight

No twist

Profile: PW51 throughout

Area: 30.45dm ^ 2
Aspect ratio: 7.6

I cut the surface cores from EPP with a density of 30kg / m ^ 3.
Compared to EPP 20, the heavy EPP is much more stable and gives a better surface. Unfortunately, it's also 50% more expensive.
Due to the high tapering and arrowheading in the inner segment and the percentage of the stile cutout at different points in the depth, these were probably one of the most demanding cores I have ever cut. But it still worked very well.
The stile cutout is for an 8mm carbon fiber tube.
The three rudder flaps are made from a 50x8mm balsa molding. It fits perfectly into the PW51.

Here are a few more pictures of the cores.

I'll start building next week.