Can we eat apples at night?

Those who want to lose weight attach great importance to a good and healthy dinner, especially in the evening. So it makes sense to snack on fruits and vegetables in order to absorb vitamins and minerals instead of fats, right? However, it is not that simple - there is a lot of fructose in fruit, which can stop the success of losing weight and lead to digestive problems.


Especially people with a sensitive stomach who are prone to heartburn should definitely avoid acidic fruit such as pineapple or apple in the evening. Because with heartburn, gastric acid from the stomach returns to the esophagus. If we eat acidic foods, this is also encouraged. Heartburn is particularly common when lying down. For this reason, if we don't want to go without fruit, we should definitely take a walk before we go to bed.

Unwanted energy kick

The fructose really gets our body going again. Sounds great, doesn't it? Just not when we actually want to go to bed. Our bodies process the fructose overnight, which can lead to bubbling and rumbling in the stomach. If the body has already shut down, it can also happen that the fruit is no longer digested properly by the body and remains in the colon. Here the fruit can ferment wonderfully and we get an ugly bloated stomach.

Fat accumulation

If we take in particularly large amounts of fructose through a lot of fruit, our body may no longer be able to convert this into energy. The excess carbohydrates are then converted into fat by our body and returned to our bloodstream. Instead of losing weight, mango, banana and grapes can ensure that our fat deposits are additionally replenished.