How many musicians use an iPad

Overview of the best music apps for iPad and iPhone

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Many musicians now also use apps in the studio or on stage. Mobile software has meanwhile become part of everyday music in both the amateur and professional sectors and accompanies songwriters, musicians and producers alike. We give you an overview of the best apps for Apple devices that we have come across so far - updated regularly!

Status: July 26, 2020

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Instruments and drums

In this category you will find apps that we would mainly see as instrument or drum apps and that follow a certain sound concept. Usually these apps are integrated into DAWs or other recording environments.

Animoog - Moog Synthesizer for iPad / iPhone

ARP ODYSSEi - simulation of the synthesizer from ARP in the new edition by Korg. >> To the test

Arpeggionome - App with which you can create and play arpeggios

AudioKit Synth One - Huge open source synthesizer

Borderlands Granular - Grain-Synth with numerous possibilities >> To the test

Digital D1 - Synthesizer with numerous sampled presets >> To the test

Dot Melody - making music with or without previous knowledge >> To the test

Elastic Drums - drum machine for on the go

Moog Model 15 - New edition of an old Moog classic for the iPad and iPhone

Korg iMS-20 - One of the most famous Korg synths

Korg iMono / Poly - Revival of the popular vintage synthesizer >> To the test

Korg M1 - The mother of all workstations

mood - analog synth sound for advanced users >> To the test

Ops - modular synthesizer with various combinable modules >> To the test

Orphion or Orphinio - spherical instrument app with slightly different operation >> To the test

Patterning - drum machine with circular sequencer and numerous sound options >> To the test

Reactable Mobile - Digital version of the unusual hardware audio concept

ROTOR - successor / new edition of the Reactable and thus of Reactable Mobile with the support of hardware controllers >> To the test

SECTOR - Random based circle sequencer. >> To the test

Soundprism (Pro) - Music app with exceptional input

STROM - Sampler with an unusual concept and surface >> To the test

Tardigrain - Grain synthesizer with expressive MPE support >> To the test

VOLT - expressive synthesizer with MPE support >> To the test

Zeeon Synth - Synth app for advanced users with many sound options >> To the test


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Pre-productions - optimal preparation of recording sessions

In this episode we talk to engineer and producer Christoph Eymannsberger about how producers, engineers and artists can use pre-productions to optimally prepare for a stay in the studio and recording sessions.

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DAW and recording software

In this category you will find apps with which you can record, arrange or edit your music. Often these are entire environments in which you can integrate other apps or with which you can record your compositions.

Auxy Music Studio - Simple and intuitive mini electronic music production environment. >> To the test

DJM-REC - DJ recording app from Pioneer, which can also be connected to the DJM mixers

Firo - design, play and record song sketches >> To the test

Garageband - Mobile Apple DAW with numerous sounds & features

iMachine 2 - The Take away machine

Korg Gadget - studio in your pocket with numerous instruments and recording options

Loopy (HD) - Looper and Sampler for on the go >> To the test

Music memos - recording app for musical notes directly from Apple >> To the picture tutorial for the automatic accompaniment of your song sketches

SampleTank 2.0 - sample library and workstation app in one. Good sound and large volume. >> To the test

Triqtraq - beat machine or jam sequencer for on the go >> To the test


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Tools and helpers

In this category you will find apps that support you in your musical creation and which usually do not create any sounds themselves. Here you can find apps for inspiration, composition or music theory, for example.


Anytune (Pro +) - Slow down songs and play by ear

Audiobus - Connect your instrument and effects apps together >> To the test of version 3

Better Ears - Very in-depth ear exercises and training

Piano Companion PRO - An overview of chords, scales, and music theory

Pro Chords - Comprehensive chord library for music theory and songwriting

Pro Metronome - Powerful metronome for on the go

Tone - playful hearing exercises for on the go >> To the test

Tonaly (previously “Ultimate Circle of Fifths“) - Circle of Fifths to go for musicians, songwriters and producers >> To the test


Performance and DJ

In this category you will find apps with which you can play, cross-fade, add effects or remix music - everything that belongs in the live and DJ area.


djay 2 - A versatile DJ app for iOS devices

DJDJ Mixing App - DJ app with a reduced design >> To the test

Kling Klang Machine - The Kraftwerk app for sound tinkerers

Lemur - software version of the set controller hardware

Pacemaker - Reduced and at the same time easy to use DJ app with Spotify support


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