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Conversion of kilos (kg) into pounds or pounds (lbs)

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Kilo is the abbreviation for the kilogram with the unit symbol kg. It is an international measure of weight. It gets a little more complicated with the term "pound". In German usage, a pound corresponds to half a kilogram, i.e. 500g. However, our converter understands the term pound to be the English pound with the unit symbol lb. So use our "kilo-pound converter" to convert a weight in kilo (kg) to pound (lb). Have fun.

Basics for converting kilograms (kg) to pounds (lb)

The British pound (legal English commercial weight, lb) is officially defined as 453.59237 grams. Plural are lbs. Overall, the term pound causes a lot of confusion. In addition to the language used for half a kilo, there is the Anglo-American pound, there is the pound as a piece measure, as a measure of area and even as a coin. We refer to the British pound on this page. A conversion is often necessary when purchasing international products. For example, the casting weight of fishing rods is always given in lb.

Formulas for converting between pounds lbs and kilos kg

If you are calculating between pounds and kilograms, you will now find the formulas for both starting values:

Determine the number of pounds from kilograms
Kilograms * 2.2046

Determine number of kilograms from pounds
Pound / 2.20462

Summary table: how many kilograms or grams is a pound?

Pound / pound in lbKilograms to kg
1 lb =>0.45 kg
2 lb =>0.91 kg
3 lb =>1.36 kg
4 lb =>1.81 kg
5 lb =>2.27 kg
6 lb =>2.72 kg
7 lb =>3.18 kg
8 lb =>3.63 kg
9 lb =>4.08 kg
10 lb =>4.54 kg
11 lb =>4.99 kg
12 lb =>5.44 kg
13 lb =>5.90 kg
14 lb =>6.35 kg
15 lb =>6.80 kg
16 lb =>7.26 kg
17 lb =>7.71 kg
18 lb =>8.16 kg
19 lb =>8.62 kg
20 lb =>9.07 kg
21 lb =>9.53 kg
22 lb =>9.98 kg
23 lb =>10.43 kg
24 lb =>10.89 kg
25 lb =>11.34 kg
26 lb =>11.79 kg
27 lb =>12.25 kg
28 lb =>12.70 kg
29 lb =>13.15 kg
30 lb =>13.61 kg
31 lb =>14.06 kg
32 lb =>14.51 kg
33 lb =>14.97 kg
34 lb =>15.42 kg
35 lb =>15.88 kg
36 lb =>16.33 kg
37 lb =>16.78 kg
38 lb =>17.24 kg
39 lb =>17.69 kg
40 lb =>18.14 kg
41 lb =>18.60 kg
42 lb =>19.05 kg
43 lb =>19.50 kg
44 lb =>19.96 kg
45 lb =>20.41 kg
46 lb =>20.87 kg
47 lb =>21.32 kg
48 lb =>21.77 kg
49 lb =>22.23 kg
50 lb =>22.68 kg

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