Does the president know anything about extraterrestrials

"Objects we don't know what they are" : Ex-President Obama suspects UFO sightings in the USA

On the American "Late Late Show" by talk show host James Corden on CBS, the former US President Barack Obama spoke about a topic that many probably did not see coming: UFOs, unidentified or unknown objects in flight. The question of whether humans are really alone in the universe thus received new fodder.

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At the beginning of the show, it was largely a joke, but the ex-president soon became more serious. The trigger for the conversation with talk show host Corden about aliens and UFOs were the recordings published last week, which are supposed to show a UFO circling around a stealth ship in San Diego in July 2019.

Obama also watched these recordings, he said on the program. "The truth is - and I'm serious - that there are recordings of objects in the sky that we cannot tell what exactly they are," continued Obama.

One cannot explain how they move and what kind of trajectory they have, he added. The objects are more maneuverable and faster than anything the US military has at their disposal. The sightings would, however, be carefully examined.

Obama asked for classified information after the inauguration

"When it comes to aliens, there are some things I can't say on TV," he said, grinning and jokingly. "It could be that they found us before we could find them."

In the further course of the evening broadcast, Obama said that when he came into office in 2008, he asked early for secret information on the subject. He wanted to know: “Is there a laboratory somewhere in which we keep aliens and spaceships?” After a certain amount of research, his request was denied. Audience and moderator Corden laughed out loud.

The video, which is now causing a stir, shows a UFO speeding towards a US ship. A little later it disappears again in the water. Military personnel comment on the video: "It splashed."

The video was captured by Navy aircraft and shows a spherical object not flying far above the ocean before diving into the water. This is how the American news channel "NBC News" describes it. According to the broadcaster, the U.S. Navy has for years validated the legitimacy of videos of jet fighters chasing unidentified objects, some of which moved in ways that aviation professionals could hardly explain.

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