How books change the way you think

Inspirational books that will change your life!

I resisted Marie Kondo's book “Magic Cleaning” for a long time. The hype about the small, always radiant Japanese woman was too big for me to not give her a place in my life. But then it slowly crept into my life. It started with the Netflix documentary where we could watch how she manages to bring order even into the greatest chaos. I found it exciting, but I still didn't think of buying this world bestseller, which one or the other of you will probably know.

Only when I got from the manufacturer AEG was invited to a workshop on the Kondo method and I folded clothes according to their art together with others, the thought process began. I started reading the book and couldn't stop. I find it really fascinating how Marie Kondo managed toto completely revolutionize something as mundane as tidying up.

First of all, we have to clean up properly. We pick up every single item and check whether we really still need it. Only then is it about the clearing. Key message: Any objecthas its own place - It doesn't matter whether it's clothes, dishes or your favorite vase. Try it out. You will see how liberating it can be to throw off old ballast and to create space for your own thoughts and creativity. But read the book first!