How many shareholders does Reliance Industries have

Reliance Industries: 1,560 percent in nine years

It is above all the telecommunications division Jio that Reliance is currently attracting investors with. The conglomerate has now landed ten investor deals for its subsidiary. Goldman Sachs analysts see more potential at Reliance than just the figurehead Jio.

In the opinion of the investment bank, the retail division could also continue to generate a lot of growth, especially the food retail sector. The US bank predicts an increase in the gross volume of goods to 83 billion dollars by 2029 compared to five billion dollars in 2020. That would be an increase of 1560 percent in nine years.

With the retail division, which includes food, clothing and electronics, the group generated around 20 billion euros in sales in the 2019/20 financial year. Almost a quarter of total group sales. For comparison: In 2016/2017, sales in this area were still 4.5 billion euros and only contributed ten percent of total income.

Between 2017 and 2019, ten new branches opened nationwide every day.

Reliance has exciting business areas in its portfolio. The retail division is becoming increasingly important for the conglomerate. The internet is an additional sales channel. THE SHAREHOLDER estimates that Reliance Retail will continue to benefit greatly from this. With a PER of 22, the share is moderately valued and a clear buy.