How should I download VoluumTrk videos

First of all we want to see that so far only - if I counted correctly - six (!)
Users seem to be affected who felt it was important enough to report this here.
Correct. That is or could be the problem. I wrote that maybe not everyone gets the idea to look in the forum to see where their problems come from? Or not everyone is registered in the forum. Or not everyone gets the idea that it could be the browser.

And most of the time it is the case that a few are ultimately responsible for an overall picture ...

Second, it is already being worked on.
Yes and that is very commendable. But in a case where adware or malware may be spread, that would just not be enough. Seeing eye to doom?

Third, it's not "a few euros". You can't ALL players
who do not use IE at all, turn off the coin source. Imagine THE damage to your image.
Fourth, for a short period of time - until the problem has been resolved - you can very well take a break
use a different browser. (You also take a rental car from your car
workshop, if you give your box for repair and are dependent on a car.)
Yes, the company can do it like that. A few companies have already "successfully" practiced this in different areas ... Maybe it's going well, maybe not. But if it is actually the case that a business partner of Playe engages in abuse and Playa is aware of it, something must of course be done about it and that immediately. In my opinion, it is not enough to say succinctly, then you just have to use a different browser. That can be said here in the forum, where I reach a certain number of users. But something must also be done for the unreachable.

Fifth, you cannot infect hardware, only software.
Uh right, that was of course a Freudian mistake on my part and in the highest potency