Which artist sang the song Informer


An informant

Says it was me

That creates a lot of trouble

The investigator says I stabbed someone out on the street

That creates a lot of trouble


The police come and kick my door in

One of them even crawled in through the window

They'll put me in the back seat right away

I knew then where they were taking me

Namely in custody in the East End

Where they pull my pants down and look into my bum




They think that just because they are bigger than me, they have more power

Make me wait an hour while they talk on the phone

I want to use the phone to call my loved one

My love, whose name is Tammy

I love them with all my heart

I'm really calm and dangerous right now

We are the unique MC Shan and the equally unique Snow

Together we are as wild as a tornado




Listen to me well, you'd better listen well to me

Listen to me well, you'd better listen well to me

When I answer the microphone, I do it properly

Yes, I am the headline master

When I'm anywhere, I am asked where I am from

They say I'm from Jamaica

But I was born and raised in Canada, you know?

I don't know anything but real black people

My shoes are torn and you can see my toes

Because I was born in Toronto




My girlfriend is a nice young lady

Intelligent, gentle and perfectly fine

I never leave her alone, no matter where I go

Yes, I travel quite a lot

On all dance floors in the country

You have no idea how crazy I am

I never sleep in a cardboard box

Yeah, I'm reaching for the stars




Why should he do that? [repeated]


[MC Shan:]


I sit around so casually with my little one

The cops knock on the door and kill my buddy

Beat me up without my being able to do anything about it

Answer my phone when it rings

Take me to the station, take my fingerprints

Blame me for hanging out with the snowman

What am I supposed to do, I'm trapped with my back to the wall

They hit me in the face, confiscate all my stuff

Don't have evidence and badly need it

But Shan is definitely not going to be an informant




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