Extroverts how do you do this

Introvert? 8 tips on how to turn it into a strength

Is one introverted, you might think the world is made of extroverted people rule.

We watch them daily Success, attention and affection literally flies to.

Always in focus, you get the attention with all the advantages that come with it.

This can get annoying quickly if you are introverted. It doesn't feel fair. Really annoying that.

Worse, it can make us want to change as introverts.

We think: "If only I were so open, sociable and spontaneous, then my life would be much better? "

For a long time I also thought that being an introvert would be not cool. I was convinced something was wrong with me.

But that's not true. Are extroverts Not automatically successful and above all not happier.

It just seems like that to us.

The truth is, being introverted is a huge strength. You just have to recognize it as such and live it.

Therefore, in this article you will learn:

  • Like you serene and confident about your introverted being are standing.
  • How you look supposed weaknesses Strengthen do.
  • How to create your retreat and freedom without feeling guilty.
  • Still getting to know new people ...
  • and asserts you confidently and calmly even against resistance.

Do you feel like it?


Then let's start now.

P.S. Would you like to get straight to the 8 tips how to make your Using introversion as a strength then click here.

Table of Contents: This is what awaits you in this article

On the strength of being an introvert

But that doesn't mean that you are an introverted person worse off would. You just are different on it (And otherwise does not mean that extroverted is the norm).

Because in truth there is about as many introverts as extroverts on this world.

Among them are on both sides successful, happy, effective and also famous people.

Being an introvert says nothing about how your life is going.

Therefore, the following assumption is a fallacy: Extrovert = Well - Introverted = bad.

Both have theirs Strengths as well as their weaknesses.

So why get upset?

It would be much smarter to be an introvert too focus on your strengthsinstead of chasing after the ideal of the extrovert.


  1. These essential characteristics seem to be fixed from birth and hardly changeable.
  2. It creates bad self-esteem, always wanting to be differentthan one is.

How to live effectively and successfully as an introvert

Therefore, in this article, I invite you to find out how you can also act as a introverted personalityeffective and successful can live in this world.

Would you like a little taste?

Have a look if you can found in some points.

The great strengths of introverted personalities

  • Introverts are more observant. You get exactly how others are doing and can empathize with them.
  • They are good listeners and always have good advice ready.
  • They are calm and rarely tend to have impulsive short-circuit reactions.
  • Introverts work a lot conscientious and thorough.
  • Introverts are reflective. You know each other very well and can perceive each other extremely precisely. A real strength.
  • Empathy and empathy are with them very pronounced.
  • Reliability is also very important.
  • Introverts often have a precise plan and are well prepared for everything.
  • Introverts in particular have a great desire for personal growth (very good as long as it doesn't result from self-loathing).
  • You stay long and persistent on the important issues in life.
  • You have no problem with spending a lot of time alone.

Well, if there is nothing here that you can develop as strength. As an introvert, you have a clear lead over extroverts in all of these points.

Incidentally, such successful people as Albert Einstein or Bill Gates are also introverted.

Cool, isn't it?

Introvert Definition - When Do You Lose Your Energy?

What does introvert mean? There is no one-size-fits-all definition of introversion. There are hundreds of forms and mixed forms.

But all introverts have one thing in common:

you lose energy, when they are among people for a long time and without time for themselves.

Introverts need a lot of time for themselves - Here you can recharge your batteries and feel relaxed. You need your safe haven and also feel right at home on their own.

In addition, they are more likely to be perceived as quiet contemporaries (However, in small groups of people who know you well, you can turn your personality outward).

They like to be an observer rather than to see in the center.

They also prefer to have few, but very deep and long-lasting friendships. Superficiality and only small talk they don't like it at all.

Extrovert definition - what does extrovert mean?

Basically, for the extroverted definition, you can use the previous points turn over completely.

Here's key feature: Extroverts need lots of stimulation and contact with people, to recharge your batteries. Lots of exercise, large groups, loud conversations, all of this stimulates extroverted people (while quickly driving introverts to flight).

They are more likely to face the world around them and hear and feel not so much inwardly.

Attention and take center stage attracts them and brings them joy and satisfaction. They tend to have more, but they do more fleeting and superficial social contacts.

About supposed “weaknesses” of introverted people

What in society as weakness being viewed doesn't always have to be a weakness.

  • Introverts find it difficult to be authentic and open up in groups (Because of their ability to empathize, in smaller groups they often ensure that everyone is heard and everyone is fine).
  • Introverts empathize with surroundings many strong stimuli quickly overwhelmed (To do this, they can create spaces where people can drop and relax).
  • You don't like to be the center of many people's attention.
  • Introverts don't like to talk a lot about themselves (they tend to ask how the other person is doing).
  • Introverts often lose themselves in endless spirals of thought and lose a lot of energy (but are very reflective).
  • Introverts are quick to feel uncomfortable with others Having to look in the eyes for too long (but can go very deep emotionally in conversations).
  • It is not for introverted personalities to naturally approach strangers and make contacts (for this they have long and trusting friendships).
  • Introverts have problems with it when it is gets serious. You cannot then call up and make your performance simple mistakes (For this they prepare longer, more persistently and more conscientiously for challenges).
  • Introverts have trouble getting out of themselves and letting their emotions run free (for
  • They do not like spontaneous actions and are not so good at themselves be spontaneous (for this they are good at planning activities).
  • You often have trouble going against it loud, space-consuming people enforce (For this they are good at mediating and negotiating).
  • You don't believe in yourself very much and “Sell themselves below their value” (for this they are humble and not selfish).
  • In a cheerful, exuberant mood, they tend to feel uncomfortable and quickly withdraw emotionally (in return, personal conversations can reach depth very quickly).
  • Introverts have trouble Addressing things directly, they prefer to devour conflicts (they are good at diplomacy for that).

As you can see: Weakness is relative. Many alleged weaknesses can also be identified cultivate a strength.

You can also accept yourself as an introvert, respect yourself and Nevertheless exist in this world that seems to make life easier for extroverts.

You will find out how to do this in the next chapter.

So read on quickly.

Introvert? 8 tips on how to make it a strength

1. Accept your being - otherwise you will fight all your life

Ok, you found out that you are introverted. Congratulation. I can imagine that a huge stone will fall from your heart.

Now many of your behaviors are being explained.

Your next step now is to fully accept that.

Only then can you do all of yours newly discovered strengths use if you like this trait as perfectly normal accept.

Let go of wanting to change yourself. From now on, see how you can use it for yourself.

2. Focus on your strengths

To do this, focus on your strengths.You have already read the list of strengths of introverts above.

What spoke to you spontaneously? Where could you find yourself again?

Keep searching. Where are yours personal strengths as an introvert? How can you use it proactively for yourself?

Be creative.

Incidentally, this creates a high level of self-esteem. Because then you see yourself as someone who proactively takes control of his life, instead of being a victim of one's circumstances.

3. Find your retreat (and don't be ashamed of it)

Introverts find energy in silence. Sometimes it can aloof and unsocial Act.

Don't be afraid to act like this but actively create precisely these retreat areas for yourself.

Withdraw where and when you want - to then participate freshly in life again.

You just need them, so take them too.

Note: Retreats are clearly not there for you to hide from challenges and life.

They are there to recharge your batteries, to calm down and then to actively face this world with all its challenges.

Tension - relaxation, just like in sports.

4. Don't let your introversion rule your life

Sure, first of all it's easier that "I'm an introvert" To hold up sign to retire and only to stew in its own juice.

But that's how you sabotage yourself.

Because social interactions make you satisfied and happy. Don't cut yourself off from it.

Realize that you in spite of this trait has the power to decide. You you can easily choose how much contact you want to be with people.

Be true to yourself.

Do you withdraw because you need a break or because you are afraid of contact with other people?

In one case you are proactive, in the other case you are fully in the victim role.

Accept your introversion - but don't let her rule your life.

5. Take your needs seriously - and enforce them

Just because you're not the loudest person in the room doesn't mean that your needs, opinions, and desires are worth less.

Keep that in mind.

Then develop yours personal, calm but determined manner, to stand up for you. Say what you have to say, stand up for your limits.

Find a gentle but determined path.

That can also mean enduring tension and staying strong. Of course, this is probably easier for most extroverts.

But that does not mean, that you can't do that. Don't take this trait as an excuse constantly giving in small.

6. Challenge yourself (with consideration)

Even if you are more cautious, large groups stress you and you easily overexcited feel - that doesn't mean that you don't have these qualities your way can also integrate into your life.

What we definitely don't want is to let our lives be determined by some sort of stamp.

I also became 100x looser in groups, simply because I didn't stay in my snail shell, but with showed.

So challenge yourself regularly (at your own pace and with a lot of consideration). See where you can grow. It's not as hard as you might think.

7. Relax if you don't understand

We humans (including me) tend to see everything through our own glasses. As a result, other people may judge you for your introverted nature.

They just cannot understand why some things are much more difficult for you than for them.

That's fine. It doesn't say anything about you off but about you. Be relaxed with it and accept it.

The right people will find their way into your life, you don't have to go with them each have a good connection.

8. Don't be the introverted "vegan"

How do you recognize a vegan at a party? Very easily. He will tell you.

Even if I eat mainly vegan myself annoy peoplewho carry their way of life around with them like a trophy and want to tie everyone down.

Don't be one of them. Don't get on other people's nerves looking for cheap pity.

Now Tacheles: Delete that “Everything is very difficult for me” -Chatter from your vocabulary. Be an asset to others in your introverted way.

Be positive and optimistic.

Incidentally, this will be a lot easier for you if you reflect on your strengths and use your introversion for yourself instead of feeling sorry for yourself as a victim of the circumstances.

Just be introverted and be cool with it. Not a big deal (After all, you are no different than half the world's population).

Also: If someone has something against you, then they won't like you all at once just because you tearfully sing to them how poor it is your turn.

Just stand by it. Very relaxed and calm. This is called acceptance.

What you can do now

I don't think introverted people's biggest problem is not being introverted. It is the assumption that they are not enough as they are.

Then we start to doctor ourselves out of self-denial - which in the end feels even worse.

The easier way: Learn to accept them for who you are. So you can use your introversion for yourself instead of fighting against them.

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