Is it worth it to drink coffee

Coffee wakes you up, tastes delicious and is healthy. But not all of them tolerate the liquid gold so well and become nervous, have problems falling asleep or a bloated stomach, which is why one No coffee might be worth it. Or at least drink less of it. But what happens when we do a coffee detox? wmn explains it to you.

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This happens when you do without coffee

When we're used to our morning caffeine kick It can be difficult for us to go without coffee, especially in the first few days. We can expect these physical changes.

1. Guardian? No, you feel more tired

The caffeine in coffee makes us fit and awake and gets us going in the morning. But if this kick is suddenly missing, you can Symptoms such as fatigue, headache, mood swings, and difficulty concentrating occur.

2. On the toilet? Nothing happens at first!

The morning shit is sure to come? Unfortunately not if you do without coffee. Indeed it can become constipated in the first few days. Why? Because coffee stimulates your digestion. If there is no more supplies, your intestines have to work harder again.

3. Your athletic performance plummets

Coffee can improve our athletic performance. Because it gives us energy. In addition, one component, namely niacin, is said to activate our muscles and support our metabolism. But if we do without coffee, it can be that we are more tired and accordingly no longer perform at the best in sport at the beginning.

By the way: So far, there are no good studies that prove that you can lose weight with coffee.

4. You become the Queen of the Night

Enough with the downsides of not having coffee! Let's talk about the benefits. For example, that after a few days you will sleep better. Because those who at least Stop drinking caffeine six hours before bed, can fall asleep better and stay asleep. This is shown by a study carried out in Journal of Clinial Sleep Medicine has been published.

5. You become a Zen master

Coffee pushes us and makes us really awake. But: The drink also causes our body to release the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol.Many who opt out of coffee report that they feel calmer and more relaxed without the coffee.

Why, because of these stress hormones, experts also advise against it immediately after the Get up to drink coffeeyou read here.

6. Goodbye, fear!

A study by the University of Chicago found that caffeine consumption was linked to anxiety. A So giving up coffee could help us reduce these fears.

Oh yes, and a high level of stress (see point number 5) is also associated with fears.

7. Your teeth do bling bling

Coffee is acidic and can attack tooth enamel. And that's exactly what makes the pearly whites more prone to discoloration. Anyone who goes without coffee in the long term will be rewarded with whiter teeth.

By the way: Here you can find out which 11 foods for yellow teeth to care.

8. Bloat? Nööö!

It could very well be that by not drinking coffee, you have a flatter stomach. Why? Because the black gold leads to more air in the stomach because it increases gastrointestinal movements. Come through this Components of food in the large intestine that have not been digested enough.

Conclusion: For some people, not having coffee can really be worthwhile

Nobody has to go without their coffee if they don't want to. Still it can be worth it to do the test yourself and to see how your own body reacts to abstinence.

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