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Remains of a previously unknown pyramid discovered in Egypt

It is 3700 years old and could be the tomb of an Egyptian queen or king mother. Archaeologists discovered the remains of the pyramid during excavations 30 kilometers south of Cairo. The parts discovered so far are "in very good condition," as the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announced on Monday. However, the excavations are still in an "early stage".

Accordingly, the exact size of the pyramid cannot yet be determined. It was found near the famous bent pyramid. It is the southernmost of the two great pyramids in Dahshur, which were built around 2650 BC. Was built under King Sneferu. Sneferu was the father of Cheops, the namesake of the tallest pyramid in Egypt, which is estimated to be around 4,500 years old.

Zahi Hawass, archaeologist and former head of the Department of Antiquities, suspects that the newly discovered monument belongs to "a queen who was buried near her husband or son". The archaeologists in Egypt have been working with new technologies in the excavations since 2015; the secret burial chambers in the pyramids of Giza and Dahshur were discovered using infrared technology.

The first finds of the newly discovered pyramid include stone blocks and a stone corridor as well as an alabaster stone with hieroglyphics. Hawass, who counts 123 pyramids on Egyptian soil, has high hopes for the find: "The hope is now to find an inscription that gives concrete clues to the identity of the pyramid builder. One could also come across the name of a previously unknown queen . "

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