What is the scope of Ruby scripts

Ruby on Rails: The MVC framework for complex web applications

Ruby on Rails offers everything a developer needs to create modern web applications: First class Structures for realizing the interface, an easy to set up connection to an SQL database as well as the possibility of Web technologies like AJAX to use. The clear principles of "Don't repeat yourself" and "Convention over configuration" provide the basis for clean, easily manageable and easily adaptable codethat is written quickly. Custom configurations are still possible without any problems, because Ruby should give a programmer everything Freedoms offer that he needs. This makes the framework suitable for both newbies and experienced programmers who have worked with other scripting languages ​​up to now - even if a certain amount of time should be planned for getting started in both cases.

Thanks to the scaffolding system Prototypes planned web projects realized in the shortest possible time - this is clearly one of the great strengths of the Ruby framework. Thanks to the integrated test environment, you can check your application for possible errors during the development phase. Also for complex applications Ruby on Rails shows that it is prepared. With the help of RubyGems The extensions mentioned, which include the framework itself, add the required interfaces, libraries or functional and optical features without any problems. Since Ruby and the RoR framework of the free BSD license you only incur costs for hosting your web project.

However, do not assume that you do not need any programming skills to use Ruby on Rails. Of course, the scripting language doesn't do all of the work for you, as the Ruby developer claims in the joke above. In terms of speed, the developed RoR applications cannot completely keep up with the competition. The Code does not run until users access its content, which is why the processing of the incoming requests logically takes a little longer than with precompiled lines of code.

You must also refrain from using the Rails framework if you want to use your Application with content management systems like Drupal, Joomla or WordPress want to organize. Like many other platforms, the examples mentioned are based on PHP. But they already exist CMS solutions based on Ruby on Rails such as B. Alchemy CMS. Predictions about the spread of RoR and the chance of jeopardizing the status of the market leaders PHP, Java and Python are difficult to make - but the advantages and increasing popularity of the Ruby framework speak for themselves.