What are the best forex blogs

Best forex blogs from Germany

Traders' experiences with Forex are very different. A good way to get an idea is to read forex blogs. As in many other areas, there are now hundreds of blogs. Many of them are not worth it, others are very successful and offer the reader insights and background knowledge that you cannot get anywhere else. You can also see how the traders are doing. Good forex bloggers are very transparent here and also show their profits or losses. The purpose of this page is to present the best German Forex blogs:

K.I.S.S Trading

Frank from K.I.S.S. Active trading as a blogger. Since the beginning of 2008 he has been publishing FX analyzes as well as his personal experience as a trader - and this with great regularity. His blog already has over 1,000 posts. This is also reflected in his visitor numbers: every day over 200 readers come to his website K.I.S.S. Trading that has already broken the mark of over 100,000 visitors.

Young Brokers

The team of young traders around Philipp has been blogging on Young Brokers since 2009. The blog deals primarily with online trading and focuses on chart analysis. However, the range of topics is wide, so that - often neglected - topics such as psychology and motivation are also addressed. Overall, a visit to the blog of these young insiders is definitely worth it.

Mani Forex

Since mid-2013, Nils has been blogging on ManiForex about his perspective on the markets. His main focus is on Forex trading, but also metals, oil and stocks. Nils is at loggerheads with technical analysis and indicators and warns against using them as the only input for trading decisions as a trader. In contrast, he advises his readers to deal with the motivations and expectations of market participants and with the analysis of the information outside the charts in order to achieve the necessary interpretation advantage when trading.