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I had to buy a new radio alarm clock after my old Grundig Sonoclock 9, which has served me well for over 10 years, has had a few problems with receiving FM and the two alarm times are no longer 100% reliable were.
I then ordered several DAB + clock radios in the price range from € 37.90 to € 79.73 from Amazon in order to find the best model for me in a direct comparison.
To get it straight from the start, in my opinion a combination of 3 devices would have been the ultimate, so to speak, the egg-laying woolly pig of the radio alarm clock in 2021 ;-)

Entered the race (order according to my orders - prices according to the time of order for a new device):
TechniSat Digitradio 51 DAB + clock radio - black for € 51.28
This mono device has a very interesting technology with a 2-line dot matrix display. The sound is okay for a mono device, but nothing more. TechniSat unfortunately assigns a lot of potential here because there is only one USB connection for firmware updates (which has probably not yet existed) and there are no other connection options. The headphone connection is on the plus side, but unfortunately (minus) it is extremely quiet and also has a bad sound (tested with an AKG Studio K240). Unfortunately, the operation is not very intuitive either. The plastic case looks and feels extremely cheap.
The service is fine.
What is unfortunately completely missing in all TechniSat devices is the backup battery.

Philips Audio radio alarm clock radio DAB + - 2020/2021 model TAR3505 / 12 for € 37.90
The operation of this mono device, like its big stereo brother (Philips R7705 / 10), is well thought out, even if a Sonoclock 9 has solved a few points better, such as setting the alarm times. The sound is okay and you can't complain about the workmanship. The display is nice and big, but unfortunately the 2nd line and a decent display for the alarm times are missing. A backup battery (or 2 AAA cells can be used. Headphone jack and USB port are missing.
The display prevents a better rating.

TechniSat TECHNIRADIO 40 - DAB + radio alarm clock - black for € 38.18
Sorry, the small cube looks quite nice in the pictures, but cheap plastic and the worst sound (mono) in the test field degrade the device. Even the USB port for charging is of no use. The display is not wrong, TechniSat could have saved the rod antenna at this point and replaced it with a wire antenna. The money saved would have been better put into the case. The service is still good.
What is unfortunately completely missing in all TechniSat devices is the backup battery.

Philips R7705 / 10 clock radio DAB + / FM digital radio - 2020/2021 model for € 72.90
What can I say, with the best device in the test field. The stereo sound of the two speakers is good, the workmanship good, the operation well thought out, even if a bit worse (due to the larger range of functions) than the little brother Philips TAR3505 / 12. Wireless charging, Bluetooth and a USB charging connection with 5V / 1A are top features. The sound of the stereo speakers could have been a bit better, but that is a complaint at a high level in terms of the size of the case.
A backup battery (or 2 AAA cells can be used. Headphone jack is missing (but is absolutely to be tolerated).
In the end I decided against the device because the display is good, but other devices have a better solution. Too bad.

Sony XDR-C1DBP clock radio for € 73.98
Typical Sony. Desgin top, service flop. 12 buttons + snooze on the top, 3 + double button on the back and the dimmer button on the left do not work at all. The operation is also not very intuitive. Sorry, dear Sony engineers, you make great, high-quality products, but when it comes to operation you have to put 6. The materials used are valuable, the equipment with a USB charging connection on the side with 5V 1.5A super, 9V block backup battery great that a headphone output is missing is bearable. On the other hand, you did a good job with the sound, even if the mono speaker is on the back, which is absolutely fine in the bedroom, so the sound is slightly below the Philips R7705 / 10.
The display offers scrolling text and the time. Sometimes less is more here. Absolutely the right choice for this clock radio.
One more thing: the Sony is the only device in the test field with a hardwired power supply, I think it's good.

TechniSat DIGITRADIO 52 - stereo DAB radio alarm clock - black for € 79.73
The stereo sound is weak, there is a lot of room for improvement. The display is not my taste, because I think the solution that is built into the TechniSat Digitradio 51 DAB + is better. In addition, the protective plate on the display of my copy was not properly glued and fell off when the device was unpacked. Doesn't show a high quality of workmanship (given the price).
The controls and thus also the operation correspond to the Digitradio 51.
A USB charging connection with 5V 1.0A and a headphone output are available on the back, as is the inductive charging on top. The plastic housing is the best of the 3 Technisat models in the test, but overall the Phillips, Sony and Imperial can do better. It is just not enough to install the same technology board everywhere with a few modifications in all devices.
What is unfortunately completely missing in all TechniSat devices is the backup battery.

Imperial DABMAN d20 clock radio - black for € 54.99
Operation is intuitive, the workmanship is good, the plastic housing feels valuable. The built-in matrix display is appropriate for the price. The rod antenna and inductive charging really make sense. In terms of sound, the mono device can keep up well. All around absolutely fine for the price.

Imperial 22-270-00 d10 DAB + and FM radio alarm clock - wood look for € 62.44
Well, what can I say, a great wood look (plywood housing with cover). Mono loudspeaker, 6.1 cm color TFT display, headphone output, line OUT (!!!!), USB connection (firmware updates only), rod antenna or optional wire antenna (both with screw connection), IR remote control. The equipment reads great, with the exception of the missing USB charging port.
The loudspeaker is attached to the top of the housing and covered by a fleece.
The 4 watts are really booming. The sound is by far the best in the whole test field. I have already noticed this in the basic setting of the equalizer. By adjusting the EQ you can set your own personal sound. You don't really notice that it is a mono speaker. Here the engineers have done a great job and optimally adapted the loudspeaker to the wooden construction and the volume of the housing. A dream. The operation via the 8 buttons + snooze on the top or the remote control are optimal. The fact that the power switch is a little separated shows that you know what you are building. The TFT color display shows all other displays in this test field on the wall. Here people with expertise and know-how have sat down and built great equipment.
The Imperial d10 is now in my bedroom, even if it doesn't have a USB charging socket, bluetooth, backup battery or stereo speakers, but I don't think you need that either.

I'll come back to the beginning of my report: a combination of Imperial d10 together with Bluetooth and inductive charging from the Philips R7705 / 10 and the backup battery and the USB charging connection including 9V block backup battery from the Sony XDR-C1DBP et voila, the egg legend Wollmilchsau the radio alarm clock in 2021 ;-)