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Perfusionist in the West


Perfusionist in the West

Examination passed: (from left) Prof. Dr. med. Jan Gummert, Director of the Clinic for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery at the Heart and Diabetes Center NRW (HDZ NRW), Bad Oeynhausen; Jan Schaarschmidt, German delegate for the European Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion; Markus Rudloff, head of the cardio technology department at HDZ NRW; Naveen Nagaraj, cardio technician from Bangalore, India (Photo: Armin Kühn).

The Indian Naveen Nagaraj is the first non-European to receive European professional recognition for cardiovascular technology.

Naveen Nagaraj has chosen the Heart and Diabetes Center NRW (HDZ NRW), Bad Oeynhausen. Deepening specialist knowledge at the largest cardiac surgery clinic in Germany was no question for the 28-year-old Indian after his studies and the first few years as a trained cardio technician. His practical knowledge in handling the heart-lung machine has now been demonstrated in the HDZ Clinic for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery under the direction of Prof. Dr. Jan Gummert officially tested and confirmed. Naveen Nagaraj was the first non-European to receive the important European recognition for his profession.

Naveen Nagaraj comes from Bangalore, the third largest city in India with over eight million inhabitants. At the heart center there, the Narayana Hrudayalaya Institute of Cardiac Sciences, around 5,000 operations are performed annually. The cardio technician moved to Bad Oeynhausen to get to know the modern procedures of cardiac surgery, expanded application possibilities and technical features of heart-lung machines better. Without the prestigious "European Certificate for Cardiovascular Perfusion" it is hardly possible to practice a profession in Europe today. Nagaraj had already successfully passed the prescribed theoretical test at the German Academy for Cardiac Technology in Berlin at the end of 2012.

An experienced cardio technician is vital for the patient. This is one of the reasons why the HDZ NRW is a recognized training center for the demanding job description that is not yet protected and that requires extensive technical and medical knowledge. In the heart and diabetes center, 19 cardio technicians work under the direction of Markus Rudloff to ensure operation around the clock. "Today around 450 cardio technicians work in the 80 German heart centers, who are organized in the professional association of the German Society for Cardiac Technology eV (DGfK) and the European umbrella association, the" European Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion ", and who issue their own internationally recognized guidelines." Technical college education and regular certification every three years is now a generally recognized standard that the HDZ NRW consistently adheres to.

Naveen Nagaraj spent many months preparing for his recognition test in Germany. What impressed him the most? "Compared to India, all cardiac surgery procedures are carried out in Bad Oeynhausen, including the most modern minimally invasive methods that require the use of interdisciplinary teams for heart operations," replies Nagaraj. In addition to the highly routine processes, from the cardio technician's point of view, the wide range of areas of application is particularly appealing, which goes far beyond the operation of the heart-lung machine for all age groups: The cardio technician is required for hybrid operations, for rhythm therapy, organ transplants and monitoring of vital parameters as well as blood preparation processes and blood gas analyzes, but also in connection with quality assurance, documentation and statistics, medical device regulations, in research and in other clinic-specific activities.

Conclusion: Without the “open-heart engineer”, the specialist in perfusion technology, who will probably be called “clinical perfusionist” instead of “cardio technician” in the future due to the diverse range of tasks, cardiac operations in cutting-edge medicine are inconceivable today. Until the end of the month, Naveen Nagaraj will take the opportunity to get to know Prof. Gummert's clinic further. With the certificate in your pocket, you can then work at a European clinic. Whether in the Orient or in the Occident: The world of cardio technology is open to Naveen Nagaraj.

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