What is the UPSE curriculum

Individual "Fresh Ups"
Brush up on math, German and French

Individual German revision courses

The fit4school tutors specifically eliminate individual difficulties in our revision courses
• at the reading comprehension
• at the Listening comprehension
• at the Speak
• and of course with Write.
If necessary, the tutors build up the vocabulary at the appropriate level and practice basic spelling. They convey how stories are told logically and in an exciting way, how to write picture stories, write summaries and write instructions.
In the grammar, fundamental technical gaps and missing knowledge modules are filled in and comprehension difficulties are eliminated.
Where is there a need for repetition?
Parts of speech
Objectives: recognize nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns and particles
grammatical tenses
Objectives: To know and apply the present tense, past tense, perfect past, past perfect and future tense I.
the four cases
Goals: Determine nominative, genitive, dative and accusative
Verb subjects
Objectives: Recognize parts of sentences with the help of the verb subject
verbal word strings and subjects
Goals: Determine sentence subjects with the help of verbal word strings
Punctuation marks
Goals: Correct punctuation marks in direct speech, commas in lists and between propositions (partial placement)
The fit4school tutors lay the personal German foundation on which the even more demanding future school material can be easily built according to the Swiss learning plan; they create the basis for future learning and examination success.